3 September

in the dining room is the door to the porch. 

we live in a second floor flat surrounded by two beaches, Memorial park, 

the very tiny lowlands parking lot (where the PTO sells Christmas trees and the garden club

offers composting mulch free of charge to island residents), and the softball field.

we are in the middle of a sort of three pronged fork, if you will.

With so much to see outdoors, I find I don't take many pictures indoors. 

I am trying to make that happen more often. 
So - I offer a photograph of the door to the porch.

and, another from last season. 

You can see the dune grasses where the path to dog-beach is.


  1. What a gorgeous area to live in!

  2. It looks like an utterly charming place to live. Glad you moved inside (a bit) with your camera.

  3. Your little things have great beauty!

  4. Looks so lovely- must be a wonderful place to live!

  5. It sounds like you live in a magical place...

  6. Sounds like you live in a wonderful spot! Must be wonderful to sit on that porch and watch so much of the world go by :)

  7. Nice light in these shots. There's something rather wistful you've captured there.
    Please come link up at http://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2015/08/strange-visitors-in-garden.html

  8. Lovely! I struggle with indoor shots, and am always trying to find the light inside to remedy that!

  9. A beautiful and welcoming sight! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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