21 September

the good

autumn is on her way! 

We woke this morning to a chilly house

and ran about closing the windows.  

Welcome home my favorite season.

The fun

 It has still been warm enough for a bit more wharf jumping.


the random

The ocean has been filled (and I mean filled) with these strange plankton called Salps.

they are not jellyfish or eggs, they are plankton.

They are completely harmless, just the tiniest bit slimy,

and feel like little bits of rope brushing against you while you are swimming. 

they are in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and along the Delmarva peninsula, among other places.

very strange lives and HERE is a short video if you are interested in learning more about them.


  1. Beautiful pictures as usual, but I especially appreciate the science lesson. I wonder if we have them in Maine? Hope I can get some time to check this week!

  2. Bring on fall! The slime stuff is cool, I used to find that on the beach as a kid.

  3. Quite chilly here in PA. as well this morning !

    I suppose that you get used to slimy swimming when you know they are harmless :)

  4. the days might get warm here at the Cape, but by late afternoon you just KNOW that fall is here.

    and I'm good with that!

  5. Hello, happy Autumn to you! I love the images. The Salps is new to me,it is interesting. Have a happy day and new week ahead!

  6. I wish autumn was here. We had two days of autumn hint and now we are back to summer. UGH. Love when I learn something new so thank you for the plankton info ... strange little critters, but I bet some good food for some other sea critters!

  7. Love the idea of Autumn - not so crazy about what follows. Enjoy the last bit of summer (including the plankton).

  8. Wow, jellyfish eggs! I've never seen them before!! Very good!! Have a grand day!

  9. the plankton are such a cool find!

  10. wooow! What a cool find that plankton!!

  11. Oh, that feeling of fall this morning was fantastic!! Really boosted my spirits!

  12. How lovely to still be able to swim...and an interesting sea life.

  13. Stopping by today from the Linkup and enjoyed the site! Fall is also my favorite season and we have had the most sensational sunsets over the past few weeks even though most of our days have still been quite warm. Our dogwood tree is already showing red leaves in many places and I am looking forward to more fall leaves, the smells and tastes of autumn.

  14. Kara this is fascinating. I've never seen this plankton before. I see you are a gardener too. I wonder if you would you be interested in joining in with a weekly blogging event at Country Garden UK? I've just had the idea today so I'd like to know what you think. Here's the link http://countrygardenuk.com/2015/09/21/blogging-201-be-sociable/

  15. I found the video about salps very interesting and wonder if there are so many this year if they are a cyclic creature?
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday.

  16. Those plankton are fascinating. The sea always has something to marvel at.


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