20 September


Geese in the mist at lowlands

This is the softball field we can see from our kitchen windows.

In summer we watch the evening games

and in autumn we watch the geese landing low under the morning mist

this is our house just across from the fields

we live on the second floor and you are looking at the kitchen windows in the back of the house.

On the right is short beach, which is where I took the picture of the sunrise just below this picture.

In the front of the house is Dog beach and a beautiful view of the Boston skyline.

sunrise at Short Beach

the bridge over the Exeter

at Phillips Exeter Academy

(from the archives)

the bottom of a mushroom sitting on a fencepost

butterfly in the community gardens


  1. your mushroom looks like an eye :)

  2. Really wonderful photos, nice!

  3. Your sunrise was definitely worth getting up for!

  4. Hi,
    Great shots. Love the geese shot and the sunrise is awesome.
    Have a great day!

  5. Love the sunrise. The goose shot with its mist is magical and I love the mushroom for "bottom"!

  6. Love the early morming mist in the shots and the sunrise is to die for. great shot of the mushroom, would never have thought of tht idea and the buterfly is gorgeous. Have a great week. My offering will be on the iste soon, hope you view it.

  7. Wonderful shots...love the light in them and the bottom of the mushroom!

  8. I like the mist in your bird shot and that is a beautiful sunrise. You have some wonderful views close to you.

  9. Cannot do better than the photo of the butterfly!

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Deep peace of the gentle night to you.
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