2 September

I suppose I could be knocked out by a technicality here....

Clearly I am not working with yarn...although I am working with a needle

I am cross-stitching a pattern of Autumn quilts on a clothesline

It is much too hot and humid for knitting here....

that will have to wait for a month or so, in which time, I will have (hopefully) 

finished the cross stitch. 


Truth be told...I haven't even been reading much of Emma of late. 

I did finish Sense and Sensibility though,

and, I do plan to finish Emma very soon...



  1. Creating no matter how is always fun!

  2. That looks lovely!Which design is it?AriadnefromGreece!

  3. Gorgeous! I love cross stitch as well as knitting and quilting, so alternate between them. I would love to see that design when you finish - although maybe you are like me and cross stitch takes FOREVER! I have one that I would work on while in hospital for each of my last three childrens' births, so it has been going for ten years now! One day, I will finish.
    Your photos are simply lovely - I am going to spend some time here, admiring your tiny island.

  4. Your picture of your cross stitch is beautiful. I'm not sure I have the eyes or patience for cross stitch anymore (moving from fabric to pattern, back to fabric; but you remind me that I want to pick up embroidery again. I think I could still do that. I think I really must get to it. You have a lovely blog. I am so glad to have discovered it.

  5. Nice project. Very inspiring!


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