2 September

Drifting here with my ship's companions
All we kindred pilgrim souls
Making our way by the lights of the heavens
In our beautiful blue boat home

Peter Mayer

in my groove i walk the beach of an early evening

and I came upon this gift that some one had left

often we find a need to plant some trace of our presence here

knowing that it's not permanent

the tide will come and wash away all proof

of our castles, our letters scratched in sand, our visions

we lay down a piece of ourselves on these beaches

to know that we were here once

we walked this way

and those who walk after us

can share - and wonder at our stories

I thought at first the markings on the sail were runes

and then perhaps that they might be the symbols of nautical flags

I suppose we will never know what their original creator intended

so here is what I have added to the story

the first t means: Stop carrying out your intentions and wait for my signals

the next sort of O means: I am directing my course

then: Homeward

the square: All personal return to ship; proceeding to sea

then the triangle: I require a tug,

"all are needed by each one, nothing is fair or good alone"

finally, the circle: the circle of love, the ebb and flow of the tide, the spinning earth

the sacred hoop

the big love 


So, I have been giving church another go-round, and Sunday there was a reading from James.

Every good gift, and every perfect gift is from above,
and cometh down from the father of lights,
with whom there is no variableness,
neither shadow of turning.

Which made me think that I often get so busy carrying out my own intentions

that i do not stop to listen to the Father of light.

If i am directing my own course than i do need to take heed

and be sure that I am returning to the ship that is headed homeward

to where I belong

And, yes, I require a tug...a pull, a push, a shove....

I've even been known to require a knock-down-drag-em-out yank

to get me into the boat that is headed out to sea and homeward

because I am part of the circle of love

I am part of the Father of light

drifting here....

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  1. I'm glad you were pondering on that verse from James. So often we go to church and hear what is said and which verses are read but then go out and do our own thing the rest of the week without really thinking on how God was speaking to us through His word.
    Stopping by from Women with Intention

  2. What lovely thoughts indeed, thanks for sharing!

  3. "I require a tug"..........so much said in so few words. Wonderful post! The book of James is particularly seeping with God's messages. I love how the Bible is a living book and sometimes you read over a passage for years and suddenly it hits you right between the eyes with meaning.


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