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1 October

last weekend was the St. Vincent De Paul Yard sale
at St. Tom's church here on this rather tiny island
I managed to stumble across something I've been hoping to find for years and years

a beautiful old hutch (Welsh dresser)
priced for a song
I spied it  tucked away in the back of the church shed
covered in dust bunnies and spider webs
I quickly handed over my money and started figuring out how to fit it into my car
It took me three trips around the corner to my house...
one trip to clean out the snorkeling gear, beach towels, sand pails and various other summer supplies
one trip to bring the bottom section, and the last trip to bring the top section
I managed to carry everything up to our flat on the second floor
while Joe was sleeping (he works the night shift)

I got it all cleaned up and set about making it look like it was part of the family

Isn't it funny how just one thing can inspire a creative streak in a person.
In order to fit the hutch in the kitchen I had to mo…

rainy day

It's pouring rain here and I can hear thunder in the distance. It shall be rainy all day.
These are some of my favorite kinds of days to be sure.
We are expecting stormy weather for the next two or three days....
I am making steady progress on the Autumn cross stitch
and will not start any other project till this one is finished -
no matter how much I may be day dreaming of that beautiful pink yarn in the basket...
I am very close to completing all of the pumpkins with just a few more bits here and there to go.
I think I shall be able to do those tonight.
After that is just the other half of the fence posts!
It will probably take me a week or so to stitch all the outlining
I am hoping to be done by mid October.
I've pulled out my copy of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow for the coffee table.
It's beautifully illustrated by Will Moses.
There are a few other Autumn-ish books that I will pull from around the house.
I like a stack of them in plain view during the season.
they r…

30 September

reflections in a Languid river bend

Rivers reflect what they are surrounded by

as do I.

Therefore, I must choose my surroundings very carefully

my thoughts become my words, my words become my actions,

my actions become my habits, my habits become my character


A good man out of the good treasure of his heart bringeth forth good; 
and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart bringeth forth evil: 
for of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaketh.
Luke 6:45
ABC Wednesday
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Watery songlines 
coffee for your heart
Wake up Wednesday
Women with intention

Michaelmas day

a day to celebrate the end of harvest season
and the beginning of autumn

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Tuesday afternoon


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28 September

the good
when my sister, Holly, saw this picture of my daughter she said she could still see
Hannah as a two year old.
One time  when Hannah was two Holly tried to carry her up the back stairs at our mum's house
Hannah was insisting "I do it!"
Holly had to carry her back down to the very step she had stopped her at
and Hannah climbed up from there all by herself!
She is 27 now and hasn't changed in that regard.
She's still a little scrapper.

OK the random....and catching light....and mellow yellow light all over the woods
lichen growing on a pine tree

 there is always more fun
around the next bend

It's nice to have something photographic

to authenticate my existence 

Mosaic Monday
The good, the random, the fun
sharing his beauty
Monday musings
Monday mellow yellow

I love macro
macro monday 2
nature footstep catching light

27 September

this is from a few years ago on a family trip to Newport, RI.
Everyone has grown up so much in the past 4 years 
but the love for one another has only grown stronger

of an afternoon

less is more it ever....


my beautiful baby girl....who at 27 years old isn't such a baby anymore

Girl, you know you make me high
 when you turn your love my way
-Allman Brothers

photographer's choice

me...which Hannah took while I was playing around in the faerie wood we were walking through

Scavenger hunt Sunday

25 September

Hannah and I met in the faerie wood
we picnicked on white wicker chairs
fresh bread and tart cherry jelly
with raspberry tea in jars
and molasses cookies

and just each other for company
which sets a mother's heart a twirling
when her daughter is 27
and just the two of you are chasing frogs 
and befriending pine trees
in a faerie wood
of an autumn afternoon
~ There's no place like New England in the autumn
and this was only the very first day

along the riverbanks
are olden pines
who whisper strength and steady friendship
when you stop to listen


Where the frogs are

You set my life a whirling

darling when you're twirling

on the floor

and who cares about tomorrow

what more is tomorrow

than another day

when you swept me away

yeah you swept me away
-Avett brothers

soul food friday
friday fave five

24 September

the first day of Autumn
means molasses cookies
the house smells sweet and spicy
the ocean breeze floats in through the windows that are still open
and a little bit later when the sun is setting 
the slightest scent of a beach fire a family has lit across the street we need to grab our sweatshirts before heading out the door... and maybe some cookies to share with  them

You can find the recipe for these cookies


share your cup thursday
little things Thursday
home sweet home

Yarn over

making my way through....
I've finished all five miniature quilts and have started on the fence posts now
the nights are coming earlier and I have more time for needlework 
I haven't been doing much reading
except for the occasional passage from the bible
there have been many opportunities for spending time with family 
which is my favorite thing ever


23 September Autumnal Equinox

t ~~~ ~~~~

Father of light

I thank you for the blessings that Autumn brings
 the peacefulness of the lowering light, 
the calmness of longer shadows,
the lessons of looking inward and calling close those that I love
Guide me through your wooded paths
teach me to embrace the open joys of summer along with the harvest

 the bright and dying colors of autumn

sing to me a sweet song
Allow my spirit to find rest and peace in this quieter season.
Bring love and peace and harmony to my home
and to all those who read these words



Blessed be

Seasonal Celebration at Garden's Eye View
women with intention

tuesday afternoon

morning dew glistening in the beach grasses

won't you come with me and see the beauty of
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21 September

the good

autumn is on her way! 
We woke this morning to a chilly house
and ran about closing the windows.  
Welcome home my favorite season.

The fun

 It has still been warm enough for a bit more wharf jumping.

the random
The ocean has been filled (and I mean filled) with these strange plankton called Salps.

they are not jellyfish or eggs, they are plankton.
They are completely harmless, just the tiniest bit slimy,
and feel like little bits of rope brushing against you while you are swimming. 
they are in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and along the Delmarva peninsula, among other places.
very strange lives and HERE is a short video if you are interested in learning more about them.
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20 September

Geese in the mist at lowlands

This is the softball field we can see from our kitchen windows.

In summer we watch the evening games

and in autumn we watch the geese landing low under the morning mist

this is our house just across from the fields

we live on the second floor and you are looking at the kitchen windows in the back of the house.

On the right is short beach, which is where I took the picture of the sunrise just below this picture.

In the front of the house is Dog beach and a beautiful view of the Boston skyline.

sunrise at Short Beach

the bridge over the Exeter

at Phillips Exeter Academy

(from the archives)

the bottom of a mushroom sitting on a fencepost

butterfly in the community gardens

scavenger hunt sunday

19 September

t ~~~ ~~~~
If we love one another, God dwelleth in us, 
and his love is perfect in us.

I hadn't been to Marjoram park in a few weeks.

There was a time, in high summer, when I was there every day,

and every day I would find a tiny gift to leave at the base of

the giant pine tree whose majestic branches hang over the cliff

framing the view of the Atlantic,

or the largest old Oak who drops his acorns

in musical harmony

on the grasses beside me while I sit on the benches.

This day I found two rocks on the beach beneath

and climbed up the hilly path.

I leaned the larger rock, which looked like a cat's head, against the pine

and the smaller triangular rock I stood on end below the Oak.

In return they shared with me

a smallish oak leaf

browned with the coming autumn

a heart in the middle

green to show that love still lives

outlined in yellow for friendship

soul food friday

in the morning he wakes me...
working the night shift leaves him awake in the moonlight and darkness
even on nights off
he prowls the house on the other side of my daytime
while I am asleep
So we go outside together into the pre-dawn
me with my cup of coffee
and he with his chamomile tea

from the Psalms
open my lips, oh Lord,  and my mouth shall proclaim thy praise
create in me a clean heart, oh God, and renew a right spirit within me
search me and know my heart, try me and know my thoughts;
and see if there be any wicked way in me
and lead me in the way everlasting

so we toss ourselves in all our vulnerability at the edge of this big blue ball
we twirl upon
we hold ourselves at the edge
and we feel ourselves turning into the very first light of day
and we enjoy the ride
 we are driving home from breakfast
when Joe tells me that as we ate he considered his plight
~this crazy beautiful sunrise in a world that's sometimes tortured~
and when he glanced up he noticed the man…