In August I learned a roundabout number of things

In August I learned

that the chairs don't have to match

sometimes it's enough just to have a place

to plant your ass and watch the view

 1 -In August I learned that you can never give out too many second chances ~or third, or fourth,

or fifth chances for that matter. In fact, you can never run out of chances to give. It isn't really about

the number of chances you give a person. It isn't even really about whether or not they ever "get it".

The only thing that matters is that you are giving. Because you just never know when a miracle

might occur...and when it does, you want to be on the side that didn't give up and walk away.

2 -In August, I learned that when I begin to accept who I am and who I have been, I am able to become

a better me than I was before.

3 - In August I learned that when eating on paper plates if you put your little rectangle of butter (you

know the kind wrapped in foil) under your plate for a bit, the warmth of the food makes the butter soft

so you can spread it more easily.

4 -In August I learned that my mother's older sister died - which means that my mother is getting to the

age where we ponder those things in the back of our minds. At my aunt's funeral I was reminded of

how strange it is that we all have this extended family that we don't always see very often, but are all

 connected to each other by blood and memories.

5 -In August, I learned that a very old friend had taken his own life. I learned that friends are the family

we choose. I learned that when you've been friends with a person for over a quarter of a lifetime...they

they become like family and you share your joys and sorrows with them. I think we mark our time here

with "where we were" and "who we were with" when certain moments occur. To have a group of friends

that are like family, that you can share the map of your life with is a very special blessing

6 -In August, I learned that Jane Austen's "Emma" is much longer than I had thought it to be and that I

will not be reading the entire thing, and Sense and Sensibility, and Pride and Prejudice in one month.

7 -In August, I learned that there are things I just know even though I don't know why I know them. I

know that shells grow....but for the life of me, I can't remember how. Regardless of how many times I

am asked by two particular little boys....I just know, that's all.

Also...there is a very good possibility that this is the world's smallest sea shell.  

OK....that's what I've got. I'm sure there are other things I've learned in the past 31 days but....I've

forgotten them -at least for the time being. It's all right though, I'll learn more.

What We Learned in August


  1. You are a very wise person.

  2. Imagine 'new discoveries' for 30 days every month.One is an improved person 30 times before the month is through. Even if it is just 15 new discoveries of a lesser number of days still one is better off than the previous month. Goog thinking! This is very educational in fact!


  3. The world abounds with good lessons, small but very good.

  4. Love you list - all of these small things add up over time. It sounds like this has been a sad month for you, dealing with two losses in one month. I hope that in all of this there were also moments of beauty and joy and peace :)
    Thanks for leaving such a sweet comment on my blog. It's always so nice to connect through the "what I learned" link-up/.


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