at the end of August

one day...

this sort of splintered-serendipitous family that i belong to

we ride our bikes in the morning.

the path through the wood comes out at the park

and I ride over the grass and around the swings

to the community gardens

where i fill my wicker basket with eggplant, and squash, and tomatoes...

so many tomatoes this time of year....

and a small bouquet of zinnias for an olden jelly jar on the sunny windowsill in the kitchen

the boys leave their bikes on the side of the wharf

and spend the morning playing

wall-ball and rag-tag 

wharf style

like their daddy did - and his dad before him

 at lunch time

every one squeezes into one table at Captain's Pizza 

for a slice and a coca-cola

and late afternoon finds me tossing chopped vegetables 

into a roasting pan...

enough for a day or two 

because they are so very tasty

and because it is rather a lot of energy to keep up with two young-ish boys 

and there is still the snorkeling to get to

before end of day


  1. that sounds like a perfect day. *sigh*

  2. Enchanting post. I can just see the boys playing and the fun they've had. Have a grand weekend!

  3. What a beautiful day you have shared :) Those Zinnias are so pretty in their jar. Playing games by the wharf sounds like the kind of thing childhood Summers were made for. Have a lovely weekend and thanks for linking up!

  4. What a lovely day full of simple pleasures.

  5. Nice post and lovely Zinnias :)

  6. The roundish jelly jar accentuates the roundish petals of the zinnias - so pretty.

    Your bike basket is so adorable and I bet it looked even more so with the colourful veggies and flowers.

    What a special life you and your husband are able to provide your children - one with heritage. I have moved close 30 plus times and so that concept is foreign to me.

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  8. Zinnias, one of my faves. I really need to get me a basket for my bike!

  9. What a lovely day :-) .... I felt like I was there with you sharing it :-)
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    diane @ thoughts & shots

  10. Lovely shots!
    Thanks for taking part in Floral Friday photos!


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