17 August

The Salem Jazz and Soul Fest

the fun

Every summer for the past 9 summers

the Salem Jazz and Soul Festival comes to town

My brother was one of the founders of this wonderful event!

Musicians from all over the country

come to play on the stage at the beautiful Salem Willows

The entire weekend is open and free to the public.

Donations are encouraged and there are all kinds of fantastic vendors

In addition to the main event in August, there are smaller concerts around Salem

through out the summer.

All proceeds go to the Salem public school music education department.  

Each year the SJSF gives thousands of dollars back into the music community

and puts on great shows at no charge to the public!

the good

Salem Willows is a park that sits on the edge of the Atlantic ocean

you can see the beautiful sailboats and feel the sweet ocean breeze all afternoon

the random

my brother 

working on the day of the festival



  1. I'll have to check that out next summer!

  2. Looks like a fun event, nice photos!

  3. That does sound like fun. There is a big music festival here but it is not free and when you add up tickets with the cost of parking, it gets very expensive. Wonderful view in your second shot.

  4. That is wonderful to have a community that jumps in and helps.

  5. Summer festivals are the best part of the season, methinks. Been out of the loop for days without cell or wifi in our lovely Lake Michigan cottage in Door County, Wi. Wish I could live here again!
    Right now briefly visiting a coffee shop to use cell and pick up messages. Will visit again soon! Still posting automatically, tho!

  6. Hi!
    Great shots. The ocean view looks gorgeous.
    Have a great day!

  7. So cool!!! Hope I remember about this for next year!

  8. Oh, just too fun! What a great legacy your brother is crafting!


  9. Where I used to live before they had a Jazz festival for a week in the park - now we have moved I have to find if they have one in Sacramento - it's so much fun :)

  10. Your brother is doing well.
    Good to hear about the fun group.
    Loads of blessings

  11. Sounds wonderful...it's hot and muggy here and I pretended for a moment that I was feeling that fresh ocean air :)

  12. That's a wonderful event. A very nice way to raise money for public school music.
    The View from the Top of the Ladder


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