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In August I learned a roundabout number of things

In August I learned
that the chairs don't have to match
sometimes it's enough just to have a place
to plant your ass and watch the view

 1 -In August I learned that you can never give out too many second chances ~or third, or fourth,

or fifth chances for that matter. In fact, you can never run out of chances to give. It isn't really about

the number of chances you give a person. It isn't even really about whether or not they ever "get it".

The only thing that matters is that you are giving. Because you just never know when a miracle

might occur...and when it does, you want to be on the side that didn't give up and walk away.

2 -In August, I learned that when I begin to accept who I am and who I have been, I am able to become

a better me than I was before.

3 - In August I learned that when eating on paper plates if you put your little rectangle of butter (you

know the kind wrapped in foil) under your plate for a bit, the warmth of the food makes the butt…

31 August


31 August

the good

wooden ships on the water-hearts of stone-second line-bicycle baskets of zinnias-sand dollar memories-sweet Bons in her fairy garden-spunky Hannah jumps the wharf-seashell banners-walking back from the quarries

August memories

the fun
~sitting on the dock of the bay...

The sun has officially gone down on the summer season of wharf-rat
school starts here on Tomorrow

not to worry though -

these marvelous children squeezed out every last drop of summer

the random

yeah....because this one certainly made me smile

sand dollar macro

to see a world in a grain of sand...

macro monday

I love macro
the good, the random, the fun mosaic Monday

August memories at Pieni Lintu

30 August

What I'm doing today

so I've been watching the boys at the wharf

they play wall-ball and rag-tag

and generally rule the universe

in the way that kids do at the end of summer days.


sunset in the living room


my beautiful daughter, Hannah.

It's very difficult to catch a candid shot of her...

She had just jumped off the wharf and was watching

one of the boys do something silly

I could have used this picture for natural light as well


a bit of a break from the frisbee game for some candy time

Natural light
foggy sunrise

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

29 August

along the edges of the path through the wood

where there be berries

at the end of August

one day...

this sort of splintered-serendipitous family that i belong to
we ride our bikes in the morning.
the path through the wood comes out at the park
and I ride over the grass and around the swings
to the community gardens
where i fill my wicker basket with eggplant, and squash, and tomatoes...
so many tomatoes this time of year....
and a small bouquet of zinnias for an olden jelly jar on the sunny windowsill in the kitchen

the boys leave their bikes on the side of the wharf
and spend the morning playing
wall-ball and rag-tag 
wharf style
like their daddy did - and his dad before him

 at lunch time
every one squeezes into one table at Captain's Pizza 
for a slice and a coca-cola
and late afternoon finds me tossing chopped vegetables 
into a roasting pan...
enough for a day or two 
because they are so very tasty
and because it is rather a lot of energy to keep up with two young-ish boys 
and there is still the snorkeling to get to
before end of day

nourishing a soul at a Sou…

27 August

In Marjoram park there are two beautiful benches
They sit at the top of a windy path looking out at the wharf,
and over the Atlantic at the Boston skyline

One of them has a dedication plaque on in 
the very old fashioned names of a couple
"their love for each other and the sea"
it is my habit to leave a gift for them....
a heart shaped stone, a seashell from the beach below,
two acorns clinging to a twig
this day I picked a crab apple from the ground under the tree
that grows at the bottom of the park
I left it on their bench and wandered around a bit 
making pictures here and there
when I came back to the bench to sit and enjoy the view I noticed
that a tiny curling oak leaf
had floated down and landed just so next to the apple
almost as if, I too, had been left a gift.

I remember I had a candle scented -apple and oak- once
I am going out later this afternoon to see if I can find another one. 
I think it's by Yankee Candle although I like Village Candle company the bes…

26 August

Summer's lease hath all too short a date -Shakespeare

100 acorns
 gathering a harvest of peace
~~~  the light begins to wane
above this rather tiny island
chestnuts and beeches letting loose 
their harvest

 oaken leaves that just begin to curl
goldenrod and yellow asters

 and sumac turning orange

painting the landscape at Marjoram park

when we bring them home

 we lay them on the nature table

a gentle reminder that seasons are circular...

the earth spins

and with it 

trees, and leaves, and seeds, and pods

small boys, maturing young women

and olden people

who lived long ago

in a land without wi-fi.
we light the candles on the dinner table

we share our daily highs and lows

and savor these last few weeks

before school starts....


Hereafter, seed time and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter,

and day and night shall not cease, so long as the earth remaineth.

Genesis 8:22

Tuesday Afternoon

I give thanks to the waves upholding me
Hail the great winds urging me on
Greet the infinite sea before me
Sing the sky my sailor's song
I was born upon the fathoms
Never harbor or port have I known
The wide universe is the ocean I travel
And the earth is my blue boat home

Peter Mayer

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24 August

the good
a paddle from a yard sale, a ball from the beach, 
a free concert across the street
makes for a very good eveing

the fun
we went to a reggae show just across the street 
at the old coast guard station
it was a pleasant evening to be out of doors, a fun band
and the people watching was extraordinary!

the random
my favorite dudes

Tuesday afternoon

t ~~~~~~~ "My words are tied in one with the great mountains, with the great rocks, with the great trees, in one with my body and heart. All of you see me, one with this world."
Yokuts Prayer

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17 August

The Salem Jazz and Soul Fest

the fun

Every summer for the past 9 summers
the Salem Jazz and Soul Festival comes to town
My brother was one of the founders of this wonderful event!
Musicians from all over the country
come to play on the stage at the beautiful Salem Willows
The entire weekend is open and free to the public.
Donations are encouraged and there are all kinds of fantastic vendors
In addition to the main event in August, there are smaller concerts around Salem
through out the summer.
All proceeds go to the Salem public school music education department.  
Each year the SJSF gives thousands of dollars back into the music community
and puts on great shows at no charge to the public!

the good
Salem Willows is a park that sits on the edge of the Atlantic ocean
you can see the beautiful sailboats and feel the sweet ocean breeze all afternoon

the random
my brother 
working on the day of the festival