7 july

I am having coffee this morning instead of tea but I plan on going back to tea

as coffee doesn't really agree with me

This is a rather simple utilitarian white mug.

It is a rather old picture as I lost the mug in a move a few years ago.

I am feeling a tiny bit melancholy this morning

A walk on the beach is just the thing I need to put things back into perspective. 

I need to do some housework this morning

Our family room is a bit worse for wear after the Independence Day weekend.

I will be joining the mad tea party over at

a fanciful twist

on 11 July...stop in to visit anytime before then

to join the festivities.





Martha of tea cup Tuesday is not feeling well and will not be doing her

tea cup tuesday link up today.

I hope she will be feeling better soon.

Feeling poorly on pretty days is just the worst!

Please consider joining my first ever link up


A Spirit of Simplicity

 Your post can be about whatever makes you

pause, praise, celebrate or ponder

on a tuesday afternoon


  1. Cheer Up .... A nice walk on the beach will definitely invigorate your spirit.. and the coffee will perk you up... I love to gather shells and stones from the beach... I always good intentions to cover a box with them... and todays the day.... after my teatime with you ... Keep the magic in your heart....Fairy dust is coming your way... HUGS

  2. I love your new meme- the logo is like my memories from summers spent at my grandma's- warm and sweet. I will get busy when I leave here to see what I have to share.

  3. I forgot to add- the white cup is remiscent of the cup my grandma used for her coffee. Oldest granddaughter bought me one a few years ago.

  4. I always drink coffee in the morning and whenever we go to the beach we take coffee with us in a carafe. Actually we're headed out there as soon as Hubby get home from work. But I enjoy my tea the rest of the day. Sorry you lost your mug. I have lost so many cups and mugs with all the moves we have made and a few were quite special too. But I have given away more than I have lost so... Thank you for linking up with me for Tea Time and have a lovely day.


  5. I hope you find the rest and rejuvenation you need. Have a wonderful day.

  6. I like the smell of coffee but I've never developed a palate for the hot beverage. Looking forward to your Mad Tea Party!

  7. A walk on the beach can always be relied upon to replace perspective. Love your simplicity post...beautifully said! Thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  8. I love them both. I enjoy your posting style. Creative!

  9. Great poem, I think you're right about the tea, it's much more soothing!


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