6 July

the fun

frisbee on the beach

the random

I happened to have my camera in hand as this

seagull flew low past us

with a clam in his beak

in order to open it he will fly up high over the rocks and drop it

then he will swoop back down


and have a little snack

the good

one flat-cap

three good Irish-men

Please consider coming back tomorrow for my first ever meme link-up

a place to share a pause in the day's occupations

and enjoy the pleasantness of a tuesday afternoon





  1. Really fun images. Love the light in the first one.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  2. Amazing moment capturing the gull in flight. And love the cheeky grins on the faces.

  3. That seagull picture is amazing!

  4. So delicate details... a hat, a seagull... moments captured by lens!! Joy in every one...
    Wonderful... *-*
    Warm greetings, AlexaT

  5. Love, love, love that shot of the seagull!

  6. Wonderful pictures!! And the seagull is...will I'm speechless! Have a grand day!

  7. oh what a nice idea - the calm break at tuesday afternoon. I hope, I will remind it!
    Otherwise, please visit me at my
    an it will be burned in my head!
    Herzlich Pippa

  8. Frisbees, guys in hats, and a seagull with dinner .. wonderful fun!!! Happy Monday!

  9. So beautiful! There's a very special atmosphere in your photos.
    Your link-up sounds lovely. In these weeks I will not be able to participate, but I'd be happy to do it later, towards the end of the summer.
    Have a great week ahead!

  10. Always a good idea to have the camera handy, you've got some great captures here.

  11. Your Irish men look very fun indeed! And your seagull photo is fantastic!

  12. I bet the gull was chuffed to have that clam! Great shot!

  13. Beautiful shots. I like the flight of sea gull.

  14. Interesting how the seagull will get at the meat in the clamshell, great shot.
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday.

  15. Great photos. The seagull swooping by with the clam is an amazing shot. They are such cheeky birds sometimes.

  16. You captured your family's summer fun beautifully!

  17. Love the shot of the seagull and those smiling Irish boys....I will try to add something for your meme in the coming weeks...but both of my blogs don't post on Tuesday....I'll stop by tomorrow though to see the meme!


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