26 july

the first day the boys went to the park and rec camp

Jack wore a t-shirt that said "Selfie"

from then on that was his nick-name at camp


the Nahant Grand Pram

25 July, 2015

notice the can of beer mid-air

*you must be in a pram -it can be homemade
(a flat-bottomed, snub-nosed boat used as a fishing vessel or tender for larger vessels)

*you must row around the lobster boat
*you must catch the can of Narragansett beer that is tossed to you from the lobster boat
*you must bring the beer can back to shore
*two people per pram
*all aboard must be wearing a life-vest

all of this supports the Nahant sailing program
and the Harbormaster's boat is out there as well in case it is needed

there are 5 or 6 races: little kids, stand-up paddles, kayaks, Nahant sailing program kids,

and the final event -the grand pram

where the winner get's to take home the official grand pram oar
till the following year

one word

but the greatest of these is LOVE

i love this

orange-creamsicle soda

orange soda poured over vanilla ice cream

served with a straw and a spoon

white on white

I'm pretty sure this is not what the prompt intended

but it's summer and you get what you get

my white shorts on top of my white duvet

and my very light aqua shirt, which is so soft and faded it is almost white

Scavenger Hunt Sunday


  1. All so lovely! Love the rock.

  2. The pram contest sure sounds fun. gorgeous white on white photo too. Stunning love photo.


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Deep peace of the gentle night to you.
Moon and stars pour their healing light on you

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