24 july

All in the Downs the fleet was moor'd...

when black-eyed Susan came aboard

Black-eyed susan's  are blooming about

one of my very favorite flowers

 another one of my favorites is

kite surfers in my town

Nahant is on of only a few places in Massacusetts

where kite-surfing is possible

we can see them from the living room window

sometimes they get as high as 30 feet in the air

that is the Boston sky line on the left


I rode my bike to the community gardens to get some vegetables for dinner

the harvest is quite limited at this time of year

but the zinnias are in riotous bloom


We had some wicked wet and humid days

but then a beautiful ocean breeze came in to cool everything down


My mum invited me over for an impromptu dinner

she grilled swordfish and asparagus and corn on the cob

it was delicious


  Flower Friday


  1. Really nice, and delightful photos. Have a great weekend!

  2. Wonderful photos! The beautiful flowers and that water . . . they both say 'summer.'

  3. I love where you live. I don't believe I've ever visited you before, nor you to my place on the big wide web, but if you did you would know my love of the water! And, you live near it. Can I be envious! Thanks for visiting - I loved everything your wrote and I'm nuts over zinnias! Susan

  4. The kite surfing sounds like it would be great fun to watch. Black-eyed Susans seem like such cheerful flowers. I've never had swordfish but it sounds good.

  5. Oh what a yummy sounding dinner from the grill that your mom made you! We saw beautiful kites flying on Lighthouse Beach in Chatham when we were vacationing on the cape 2 weeks ago....they were gorgeous!! Love your pic, too! I will have to look at that watercolors app you mentioned in your comment to me. thanks!! have a happy weekend! (our high humidity broke too and it feels awesome.....and this afternoon we are finally getting some rain!! things were getting very dry!

  6. Nice choice! I didn't realize there was a vine with the same name until I came across it at the store, bought it, and happened to feature it today.

    I'm hopping by from Floral Friday Fotos and hope you'll stop by to share your post for Flower Friday, too.

  7. Stunning photos!! You really have a gift for capturing a magical mood!!
    (I found your link on Aquariann's blog=)

  8. Your meal sounds delicious.

  9. beautiful images! wishing you a beautiful weekend!

  10. Beautiful, delicate photos and interesting text !

  11. I LOVE black eyed Susans. ;)
    I have never seen kite surfers and had to look up what that meant. What an interesting sport.
    How fun to have an impromptu dinner with your mom. And what a lovely menu it was.
    Thanks for sharing your faves - they are simple and beautiful.

  12. Gorgeous pics! And O, your dinner sounds like the best.
    Enjoy the weekend...

  13. The zinnias are marvelous. Great pics!


  14. Oh yum, that dinner sounds delicious! So nice to have an ocean breeze to cool things off. I think I would be sitting in a chair watching those kite surfers all day. Seems so relaxing. All of a sudden I've been able to comment on some of these formats, so here goes on your site...keeping my fingers crossed!

  15. Love your faves this week. We were on the east coast last week and spent one day at a beach in Delaware. The ocean air helps with the humidity so much. The kite surfers are fun to watch--we get them at 'Surfers Point' in Ventura. Have a great week!

  16. I just love that wonderful atmospheric shot of the black-eyed Susan!
    Thank you for joining us on Floral Friday Fotos. I look forward to your next contribution.


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