8 june

the good

So, my daughter Bonnie came by to visit after work, 
and we had those boys with us as well.
the random

We walked the beach, two beaches actually, and this is what we found:

3 plastic shovels
1 red plastic pail shaped like a castle
1 green plastic crab sand mold
1 big blue piece of Styrofoam from a dock
1 big orange piece of Styrofoam from a dock
3 perfectly good beach chairs
1 small American flag
1 tennis ball
103 clam shells
1 umbrella (in great working condition)


the fun


  1. oh my! I cant believe you found all of that! love the first image!

  2. Oh beach finds! Growing up by the beach, we loved Labor day bc everything left on the gym was fair game for keeps!

  3. Lots of interesting items and each has a story of it's own. Sounds like you had fun, for sure. Lovely pics, too.

  4. That's not a walk - it's a treasure hunt!!! So fun! {and great pics!}

  5. Perfect - who needs to hire a deckchair and umbrella at your beach? Lovely fun post, hope your week is just as good :)
    Wren x

  6. Absolutely good, random fun can be and was at the beach with your visit. I love finding treasures at the sea shore!


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