30 June

rainy day tea time scrabble

It has been a rather gloomy spring here

many grey and cool days

 the first weekend of summer 

was stormy

so it was an indoor weekend

perfect for games and tea of an afternoon



  1. Our spring was unusually cold and even snowy! But summer here seems to be putting things back into balance.

  2. a rainy afternoon, a hot cuppa, a jigsaw puzzle just waiting for attention.

    yes ... even in summertime!


  3. It has been a rather cool and wet start to our summer too. Lots of mosquitoes as well unfortunately. But like you, I curl up inside and enjoy a nice hot cup of tea. Waiting for sunny warm days to bask in the sun. Surely they will arrive soon. Thank you for joining me for Tea Time and I hope you enjoy the July 4th weekend celebration.


  4. Lovely. Nothing better on a rainy day than a cup of tea ... a good book ... scrabble! Wonderful image. Happy Tea Day!

  5. I like those kind of days sometimes. You get a chance to get cozy, enjoy tea and the comfort of a shelter.

  6. Love this post because it contains two of my favourite pastimes--tea and Scrabble!

  7. We've been having the same kind of spring and early summer days...grey, rainy and dreary on the outside...

  8. What a beautiful photo and your thoughts about the day as special. We have had record setting rains which were greatly needed for we were in severe drought! The heat and humidity are now here with a few days of rain to cool us off! Hope you have a warmer summer but come on down to Texas if you want some warm summer days!

    Take care, Pam

  9. Love your evocative photo....very lovely and peaceful. Thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!


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