21 June

daddy lovin' is very special

it has become our habit
to play frisbee in the park
on beautiful evenings

exploring ant hills


on the sea


  1. Happy father's day to your husband!

  2. Beautiful photos of family life !!!
    ps. I'm working in Kindergarden so my photos this time are a little bit special ;) Have a nice week !!!!

  3. That first shot is my favorite. Here we don't explore ant hills as we have fire ants and we can't tell by looking at a hill which is regular and which is fire ants.

  4. Looks like they've got themselves a great Dad!

  5. Simple yet very interesting shots. enJOYed your hunt.

  6. Hi!
    Great shots. Great water shot. Have a great day!!


  7. Yes they are beautiful pictures and what a simplistic life.

  8. I like your tradition of playing frisbee in the park in the evenings. Those family times...bonding with one another through play...leave not only memories of family time, but also they are times of teaching good habits. It is always good to laugh together as a family. We have our granddaughters this week and after a couple of busy days, the four of us spent the evening in the living room making up stories, with each of us contributing a fourth of the story. We laughed and taught, and laughed and enjoyed one another's company. Our 11 year old grand said, "This is SO fun!" :)


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