22 May

~ 1 ~
my beautiful Bonnie came to visit on Tuesday.

I made pizza and salad and cake
 we drank tea out of fancy teacups

~ 2 ~
we spent hours and hours walking on the beach

~ 3 ~  
she went home with a car full of big shells and big rocks
she's a kook.....
can't imagine where she gets it from

~ 4 ~

the house across the street has a white flowering tree 

which our bedroom window frames perfectly

It makes me so happy to see our window filled with beautiful white blossoms

~ 5 ~

the whole world seems especially pretty this spring.

Maybe it's because of the ferocious winter...

I don't know -  but it sure is nice





  1. Such a pretty view through your window !

  2. Sounds like you had a very special day.

  3. Hours and hours walked at the beach sounds like heaven to me!

  4. Spring is my favorite season, everything is blooming and the air has a special smell !

  5. gorgeous view out your window!! yay for fancy teacups and walks on the beach!

  6. Sounds like a wonderful visit. Lovely view from your window!

  7. I read this yesterday while on the treadmill but am just now getting back to comment! Yes! To beautiful daughters. And that view out your bedroom window ... well, let's just say I have window envy.

  8. The best part of this is 'she came home for a visit'. Second is 'long walks on the beach'. You had a great week.

  9. What a fun day you had. I just love the way you write, my friend.

    Your title name fits you perfectly, a spirit of simplicity.


  10. How fun. Spending time at the beach sounds great right now! Have a lovely weekend.


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