19 may

honeysuckle floating

Honeysuckle is blooming along the dunes on the path to the beach.
I noticed Sunday morning when I walked early -just after the sun came up.
Monday morning I walked again but it was cooler and the wind kicked up a bit of salty spray.
I brought my clippers and marched through the brush looking for errant branches.
Laid out on the soapstone table in my kitchen....

pitchers full of honeysuckle
fragrance floating through the early morning sunlight

a gift of joy for those i love


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  1. Gorgeous image and texture, the honeysuckle is pretty. Have a happy day!

  2. How beautiful! I'm still looking forward to seeing honeysuckle in Ontario. ;)

  3. So very pretty!

  4. A lovely way to make use of delicate nature.

  5. I remember honeysuckle from my childhood. We had a small bush tht grew out from under the front porch, of all places. We would pluck the blossoms and suck out the nectar.

  6. Honeysuckle already, wow… Beautiful image.

  7. I can almost smell it. This is a beautiful photo with the texture you have added.. Lovely.. Michelle

  8. Wonderful image of a lovely flower. I just love the smell of honeysuckle.
    Thank you for joining Floral Friday Fotos and I hope to see your next contribution soon.


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