30 april

daffodils bloom in the dune grasses

that line the path to the beach

one fall day long ago

some one must have planted bulbs in bunches along the way

so now

pale and bright yellow flowers

sway in the sweet ocean breezes


I discovered recently that these daffodils were planted back in the 1970s

by an old gentleman whose lovely great-granddaughter

still lives here on our rather tiny island

what a lovely testament to him


  1. We reap what we sow...............this adage is powerfully depicted here.....one must be so thankful to that person who sowed the bulbs!

  2. A beautiful picture of your daffodils. They are real harbingers of spring.


  3. Wonderful picture of daffodils but where they are makes it so much more fun!

  4. What a lovely surprise to come across daffodils where they shouldn't be ... someone was really paying it forward :)

  5. I love your photo, it shows the newness of spring against the dead of winter, my favorite time, everything is new. Love spring!

  6. A lovely poem for a lovely photo!

  7. Daffodils are beautiful not matter way we find them. Its exciting to know the history of who planted them and makes them all the more beautiful. Every time they bloom they are in honor or him! I'm so glad you liked/learned from my post on Clematis!

  8. A little treasure left for others to enjoy...how lovely!

  9. I love it when you see flowers growing wild like this! So fun that you learned the story behind them. We have an area above our home that has orange Oriental Poppies growing wild and one large yellow rose bush. There are remnants of the stone foundation of the farmhouse that once was there. The breezes have drifted Poppy blooms all over the hillside. It's quite a sight and a very popular spot for photographers. Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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