20 February

icicle in the kitchen window

the wind is howling and crashing over our rather tiny island

the wind chill temperatures are down to -14

the kitchen smells like fresh coffee

and the sunrise warms the old wooden floor beneath my feet

i can't help but pause to admire the beauty of

a smallish icicle hanging from the eaves

We are absolutely covered in snow here near Boston.

traffic moves at a crawl because the roads are so snow filled

that they are reduced to one lane

and you can just forget about parking

if you'd like to see a few more pictures of our snowy landscape

there are more in the posts above this one

the other day I watched as the tractors scooped up snow and dumped it into trucks

which then drove it over to the parking lot and dumped it

then turned around to pick up another load

it looked like a little Tonka truck village

When the temperatures get down below zero, as they have been, I tend to turn the 

oven on for long slow cooked meats or baking

so, our house is well warmed and we are well fed.

Today has dawned sunny...if not quite warm

and we are well shoveled out

it is almost the end of February

and though i hesitate to jinx things....

Spring is just around the corner

so all is well...


  1. I hear you are all snowed in, I have a cousin who lives in MA.
    I am tired of winter...even though it does make for some beautiful photos.
    Stay Warm!!

  2. We've been watching the weather in Boston and area, plus our Maritimes and are completely astonished at the snow. You are definitely doing the right thing, staying home and safe. I pictured a warm house, delicious smells, and all so comforting. Stay safe.

  3. i love that photo and the way your words paint such a cozy life inside your house...stay warm, yes spring is just around the corner! thank you for linking and have a wonderful weekend!!

  4. This is the best icicle photo ever! We are expecting another cold front(freezing) this weekend and today it's going to get up to 81 degrees.

  5. an historic event for sure that will be remembered for a long time-glad to read you are warm and safe-good time for baking up goodies

  6. I keep being grateful that I don't live in your area. Please be safe and warm. I'm surprised you have even that one icicle!

  7. Fantastic post. Spring can't be too far away, can it? Beautiful picture.

  8. How beautiful, even through all this winter-ness in your world, you captured a lovely strand of remaining ice, and what a glorious glow...and yes, I smell the coffee too! Enjoy your weekend.

  9. The lone icicle made for a beautiful shot....It sounds like you have the perfect recipe of living while under such extreme weather conditions....

  10. An icicle on fire. How amazing! It's that time in February when we're all winter weary but Bostonians and island dwellers have every right to be beyond winter weary. I think it's the helpless feeling that I hate most.

  11. The photo of the icicle is almost magical - and so very beautiful! I'm glad you're warm and well fed despite the snow and the chilly temperatures.

  12. Spring??? Like you, up here in NH we have been bombarded with snow with another 3 to 6 inches coming tomorrow :-/
    Stay toasty .... diane @ thoughts & shots

  13. Love the photo...it was in the negative numbers here this morn...we are supposed to get more snow tonight. We have not had too much this year...supposed to get all the way up to 32 tomorrow..then the high monday is only supposed to reach 9....

  14. What a beautiful picture! Reading your words made me appreciate my snowy view a bit more, thought I am ready for spring to come any time now. I know, more snow today and more bitter cold. It is so pretty out there, but I can't be out there too long because of the chilling cold. Thanks for the beautiful scene you painted for us. :)

  15. We have snow and ice. Staying in the house and enjoying the time together.


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