19 February

We've had just a little bit of snow

that's a bus stop sign

and it's snowing again


  1. Wonderful photo- like the light and the shadows.


  2. Just a bit! I came home from 5 days away to see the fence around my yard is no where to be found...maybe in June?

  3. Lovely shot, but ugh about the snow. We have cold here-high 38 and wind chill that makes it feel in the teens and this si the /d/e/e/p/ /s/o/u/t/h. Sunday it will be 70 but I would prefer 50 or 60.

  4. Oh my !! keep warm
    Clare x

  5. Oh it looks like a strong winter in your land. I've been thinking of you, wondering if you were buried under or flying above the snow, I've missed seeing your posts.

  6. Yikes! This snow seems epidemic everywhere but here! All we have is freezing temps.

  7. can't wait for the snow to MELT! ☺

  8. And here I am, blue because we got 15" early in the week, forecast calls for snow-ice-freezing rain. {Spare me the ice, please!} When it's pristine, it's beautiful. But the snow plow piles, the rain pelted, frozen surfaces soon cease to have such luster. I have thought a lot about you folks in Boston. What a winter!

  9. Just a little???!!!! Love the shadows and house in the background. Stay safe and warm.


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