1 February


practicing arithmetic 

we found this Keepsake while walking the wood one day

I made this

my beautiful daughters

Saturday morning

(sunlit Sunday)

our beautiful world has posted signs of spring as the prompt

for this imbolc day


and we are expecting another 10 to 14 inches of snow tonight and tomorrow...

but we are half way to spring....


  1. Your daughters truly are lovely! And so is the look of new snow.

  2. We've had three feet of snow in the last eight days - in three storms. I think we're going to dodge the next one though as it seems to be tracking south of us, so hoping it will miss us entirely. Your daughters are beautiful!!

  3. What beautiful daughters indeed.
    Nice post.

  4. Imbolc! Halfway to spring. Your daughters are lovely. Love the feather and the cup. I'm glad I'm not in school struggling over numbers! Stay warm ... the snow is beautiful, but cold!

  5. Your daughters are beautiful and that snow shot is lovely.

  6. Lovely lovely paintings. Sunshine and happiness radiate from both

  7. More snow! We're closed tomorrow - which is great since I can stay up watching the game and sleep in (-:

  8. Beautiful pictures as always. I'm glad you're getting a little bit of sunshine between the snowfalls.

  9. Beautiful feather and daughters. Love the watercolour edits on your photos.

  10. Oh dear - I hope that spring finds you under all that snow - and very soon!

  11. That is a lot of snow. Hoping spring shows up soon. Lots of great photos here.


  12. Lucky spring finally follows winter, thanks for sharing with OBW

  13. Yikes ... Now that's a lot of snow!! Lovely photos ... Thanks so much for sharing your part of the world with us at OBW!

  14. Hahaha, lol, that is the funniest Signs of Spring photo I've ever seen, especially combined with your comment! You're too funny :) Beautiful photography and beautiful post!

  15. Your daughters are, indeed, beautiful and must brighten your life! I like the watercolour effect of the cup in the sunshine, very homey.


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