26 January

the fun

we have some weather headed our way

A blizzard of epic proportions

bigger than the "blizzard of '78"

in which roads were closed for a fortnight

and all commerce pretty much shut down

the snow is to start around noon today

and not stop till after midnight tomorrow

by the end of it all we should have somewhere between 1 and 3 feet

the random

the call has gone out across our rather tiny island

all boat owners must be sure the boats in the wharf parking lot

are fully secure and any debris, such as ladders and mooring balls

are put indoors.

We are expecting 30 to 60 mph wind gusts and coastal flooding

This will be particularly dangerous during the 3 or 4 high tides which will

take place through out the storm.

the good

Fortunately, the moon will not be full as that causes the tides to be higher 

than at other times of the month. 

I have my electric devices charging, a full tank of gas in my car

and candles at the ready in case we should lose power.

I won't have to go anywhere tomorrow

because my classes will be cancelled

we have a gas stove so I will be able to make coffee in the french press

even if we lose power


  1. My favorite local weather guy, JR at whdh was in a suit and nikes this am - he's ready - stay warm and safe!

  2. Beautiful image, breathtakingly simple. Stay warm, stay safe.

  3. Sounds like you are ready. Keep safe and warm.

  4. I actually enjoy these kinds of storms, as long as folks can bunker down for a spell and stay off the roads, and just enjoy the gifts falling round. Not often the case, do stay safe!

  5. Hope it isn't too harsh on you!AriadnefromGreece!

  6. Hope you all will survive this without any damage! Power outage, that's a new thing I've been contemplating how to cope with - now we live, as my adult kids say "in the middle of nowhere!"

  7. We are waiting for the blizzard to hit here soon. Beautiful photo! Thanks for sharing the love up-close with I Heart Macro:-)


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