18 january

starts with  J

jack and joey



this is the plant commonly known as Monarda

it is also known as Oswego tea after the Oswego indians

who showed the white people

how to make a tea from plant


my favorite new shoes from Bjorn

to do

take a walk of an afternoon

in the bright and beautiful sunshine

 "me i'm just the lucky kind

love to hear you say that love is luck

and though we may be blind

love is here to stay and that's enough

someday when we're dreaming

deep in love not a lot to say

then we will remember

things we said today"

the beatles

 scavenger hunt sunday


  1. Love the jumping! Fun post. So colorful. I learned a bit -- Oswego and monarda and tea making. I'm always interested in teas/tisanes! Happy Sun Lit Sunday!

  2. Love the jump picture! Gorgeous watercolored images, too - love how soft they are!

  3. I love Monarda's aroma. Mmmmm! Cute photo of the kids jumping into the water.

  4. I love monad growing in my garden. That first photo is full of great action .. wonder if the water was cold?

  5. Great series!

  6. Lovely post- I like it... Action and summer, great....


  7. Jump is so joyful, I like the themes you attached and the capture of them!

  8. The colors in all of your photos are awesome! I love how lively the jumping picture is! The three one looks like it could have three stories behind it. :)
    I'm personally not a tea person, but I've heard that most types of teas are healthy and just really good for you.
    Have a great day!

  9. I love your photo art.
    I also confess to a life long obsession with Mary Jane shoes.
    When every one here was loving Elvis I was a Beatles fan.

  10. Hello, what a great collection of images.. The first jump shot is awesome..The Monarda looks like bee balm? Very pretty. Have a happy week!

  11. Beautiful photos! And the Beatles song was a favourite of mine way back when. Have a beautiful week.

  12. Love that action shot of the boys jumping! Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing them!
    Jenni @ genuflected.com

  13. What a great shot of the boys jumping into the water. All your artsy edits are fun.

  14. Wonderful photos! Thanks so much for sharing them with us at OBW!!

  15. Beautiful and inspiring post. Thank you for sharing.


  16. What a wonderful moment, the jumpers caught in the midst of their daring move. I like the watercolour look of some other photos. The Beatles did have that certain something. Thanks for bringing their words and your images to Sunlit Sunday.


  17. what a fun to jump... :-) great photos, thanks for sharing at "OBW"


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