10 january

thursday was the coldest I remember it ever being

the temperature was -1 when I woke but the wind chill made it feel like -20!

that's Fahrenheit degrees not Cecilius!

It was warmer the next day and we got a dusting of snow

which I would rather have than the blasty cold

i love walking the wood in the snow


on my kitchen window sill there are three jars 

full of sea glass

they glisten and gleam in the morning sunlight


there is cake for breakfast with my coffee this morning

oatmeal cinnamon cake with a trace of chocolate on the top

which I baked yesterday

it warmed up the house and made everything smell spicy and sweet

winter mornings are good for cake at breakfast time

and long walks in the low light of an early afternoon


Celtic Blessing

I arise today through the strength of heaven

light of sun, radiance of moon

splendor of fire, speed of lightning

swiftness of wind, firmness of rock.


  1. Love your winter photo and yes, cake at breakfast is wonderful!

  2. Wonderful photo- love the softness...


  3. I want to get out more to walk but our weather and the wind chill is not very motivating. Your photo or the possibility of finding something like it, might get me "out there!"

  4. Lovely photo. We had awful cold here too, they even closed the schools for a day!

  5. Lovely post, all 'round but it is the cake at breakfast that will stay with me. The savouring of a simple pleasure - and we don't give ourselves enough simple pleasures in this complicated world.

  6. #1 Beautiful image. What is the plant?
    #2 It's been COLD here.
    #3 Sea glass is wonderful.
    #4 Sounds great, I enjoyed my eggs with homemade bread and strawberry jam.
    #5 Thank you!
    Tom The Backroads Traveller

  7. That is a beautiful winter photo! Wintery but not stark and depressing. Nice. And I love the Celtic blessing!

  8. What a lovely blog! I am delighted to have found you. Despite the Atlantic between us I think your life and mine have many similarities.

  9. Love your Celtic blessing. Love the seaglass image, reflecting the light. Sorry about all the COLD!!! You make me want a cinnamon cake with my hot tea!

  10. Lovely photo celebrating the beauty of winter in spite of the cold. -1°F does seem cold for the Massachusetts coast!

  11. beautiful photo! i love the idea of the jars of sea glass in your window, must be beautiful...mmmm cake for breakfast, that sounds perfect!! your house sounds so welcoming and cozy with the description of the cake baking and your pretty sea glass! stay warm!! thank you for linking and have a wonderful week!! p.s. love the celtic blessing too :)


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Deep peace of the flowing air to you.
Deep peace of the quiet earth to you.
Deep peace of the shining stars to you.
Deep peace of the gentle night to you.
Moon and stars pour their healing light on you

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