reading challenges


reading challenges

these are the challenges I will be participating in

key word challenge
January- silent

February - Key, water, lie, chase, heir, once

On a Farther Shore
The Life and Legacy of Rachel Carson
William Souder

I believe this may be a bit of a stretch but this is a biography of Rachel Carson

who wrote the book Silent Spring which was the impetus for the

 environmental movement in the 1960's.

March - kind, face, power, city, blue, night, to

April - dream, prince, long, wind, rose, the, rock

May - Ash, road, thief, bend, in, far

June - my, together, whisper, win, soul, sleep

July - sun, unto, energy, fate, high, look

Sundial of the Seasons
Hal Borland

August - fall, boy, glass, heart, lost, now

September - color, touch, life, day, how, sweet

October - ghost, home, beach, away, test, number

November - rise, holiday, and, little, call, dark

December - space, mirror, over, flower, trap, cold

road trip challenge

The Way to Rainy Mountain
N. Scott Momaday
New Mexico

Sundial of the Seasons
Hal Borland

color coded challenge

Dragonfly in Amber
Diana Gabaldon

the literary movement

January -Medievil times

The Awen Alone
Joanna Van Der Hoeven

February - Renaissance







The Friendly Road
David Grayson



November-The great beat generation or the Bloomsbury group

December-Post Modernism


  1. Wow, I wish you well with your challenges, I will just be completing the Annual Challenge I participate in on Goodreads.

  2. Welcome to the Reading Road Trip Challenge! Let me know if you are having trouble finding any books (:


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