7 December

This brings me joy

You can see our house all lit up in the back ground. 

The Christmas tree stand is in the beach park right across the street

so our serendipitous family

doesn't have far to walk it home and carry it up the stairs. 


A white pear vase I bought at the Christmas fair 



Ever so patiently she threaded the striped

Twine through the pinprick holes 

In the tiny  whale ornaments. 


We made cinnamon applesauce ornaments in the shape of whales


  1. Hello dear
    The thread is so nice,,,,

    Happy sunday to you!

  2. I like that pear vase and the cinnamon whale-what fun!

  3. LOVE LOVE all your images. Hug B

  4. Neat presentation for your hunt. Must be convienent to get your tree right across the street like that. I liked the one leaning against the post for "tree" and the striped ribbon. A white vase shaped like a pear is different but really cool. Oh those little whales are adorable.


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