10 October

the autumn here on this rather tiny island has been warm thus far

seed pods intermingle with fresh blooms

in the garden

first frost should hit in a week or so

all blossoms will bend

those seeds that have hidden away in there little pod homes

will fall to the earth 

and lie in waiting

the whole winter through


  1. Oh this shot and your words what a perfect way to start the day. Thank you. Hug B

  2. A really great image to show the changing of the seasons. You should link this up with Friday My Town Shoot Out. This weeks theme is close-up and this fits perfectly. You can find the link on my blog. Take care!

    Mersad Donko Photography

  3. What a gorgeous photo...your words are lovely, too, and perfectly represent the image.

  4. Lovely image and prose. Happy Friday!

  5. Lovely photo! Love your focus on the seedpod instead of the flower and love the pretty background! Perfect words to accompany you photo!

  6. Such a good reminder, one that I need: winter is necessary for the new seeds of spring to sprout. Still, it's a little sad when the seeds and flowers all drop, isn't it? I miss their color.

  7. Lovely contrast in that photo!
    Fine, little autumn poem.


  8. Love this gorgeous shot! We have these yellow coreopsis all over the place this year because of late rains. In the fields ditches and everywhere.

  9. Lovely photo. We are due for frost any day now.

  10. First frost hit here last night. Your beautiful shot has reminded me that I need to head out to the garden today and see what finds are waiting for me.

  11. Awesome shot- lovely thoughts. Have a wonderful weekend!


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