14 September


we got ourselves all packed

and headed down east

to visit with the cousins

Little Joey's got a ways to go before he can travel in his daddy's boots

little kiwi

 Joe's sister's dog

is just too cute

my favorite man


  1. As always I love your blessing, and as always you have great pics. I love the dappled light on the last.

  2. Love stripes, such a gorgeous shot! The waterlogued pictures are great - I forgot about that app!

  3. Wonderful finds. The dog is so cute.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  4. Fun set. Nice shot for stripes but the next one really made me smile because the expressions on their faces are just adorable.
    Great artistic effects with Travel and Too Cute, I like them.
    How sweet that your favorite was a picture of your hubby.

  5. are those your paintings...wow so wonderful and dreamy..love the bot shoe
    says so much
    I loved the swing photo too
    you are on a roll...
    have a fun weekend

  6. Great photos. The kids are so cute all packed and ready to go for a visit. Great capture of your favorite man. I like all the little shadows.


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