22 August

A garden of stones at the beach

When we first moved to this rather tiny island it was a cold and stormy valentine's

 day. We ordered take away Chinese food and ate at the dining room table 

surrounded by piles of old books tied together with twine.
The surf crashed outside our windows

 but we were warm and cozy inside our beach house. 

In the Spring I ventured outside to the beaches.

At the beginning I couldn't bear to part with any of my little treasures...

Joe said he would look out the window and see me 

walking the beach and across the street toward home 

with a handful of stones, a pocketful of beach glass 

or a piece of driftwood thrown over my shoulder.

All through that first summer I found tiny treasures left upon the beaches. 

Clam shells nestled into each other babushka style, 

beautiful heart shaped rocks left in conspicuous places 

where the sun would shine upon them, 

circles of starfish and many letters spelling out messages in the sand 

with small stones, shells, or driftwood. 


I began to nurture the ability to let go of my need to carry everything home with me.

 I left things on the beach for others to see. 

I began to build blessings for the next person to see...

I planted blessings....

I built cairns-towers of rocks, 

I built sandcastle villages with flags and glistening sea glass towers, 

and I planted stone flowers....

It's hard to know who will come upon the little blessings 

which I leave behind

I hope it brings them joy.


  1. So interesting your garden of stones amd so beautiful your stoneflower. Iris

  2. you write so beautifully - me - I'm short chopping sentences. (I can't stop playing with me phone either!!) Like your stone flower :-)

  3. Discovering a cairn always puts a smile on my face. I am sure your 'blessings' have put smiles on many faces. :)

  4. Such a wonderful idea to leave little blessings for others to see ... I love that you overcame the need to bring everything home ... I need to work on that ... also, beautiful image today.

  5. Beautiful - you have captured something that must happen to seaside dwellers because I recognised it right away. There are times, still, when I can't resist a perfect mussel shell, but mainly I leave my collections, my messages behind.
    This post was a lovely way to start my day.

  6. I believe I would be the same as you...wanting to keep every found object because of the newness. So glad now you are able to leave little treasures for others to find...and for us to enjoy through your photos.

  7. So beautiful - your image and your writing.

  8. Hello dear
    Unique photo- I like it very much.
    You are a wonderful storyteller.


  9. Oh what a wonderful thing you did leaving pieces of beauty and treasures for others. LOVELY image!

  10. This is one of my favorite posts. I love the photo, I adore the poem, and I salute your effort to share beauty with your fellow beach-goers.

  11. Love your stone flower ... such a lovely idea !
    Have a wonderful weekend,

  12. I love what you did. I have never thought of that. I would be the one taking things home too, but I love our idea also.

  13. How mesmerizing
    it is filling me with envy.
    what a way to spend your days.
    you could always have the beach bounty on loan and replace it after a while.


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