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26 August


25 August


24 August

table setting

oops!  I missed this one. 



photographer's choice

scavenger hunt sunday

22 August

A garden of stones at the beach
When we first moved to this rather tiny island it was a cold and stormy valentine's
 day. We ordered take away Chinese food and ate at the dining room table 
surrounded by piles of old books tied together with twine. The surf crashed outside our windows
 but we were warm and cozy inside our beach house. 

In the Spring I ventured outside to the beaches.
At the beginning I couldn't bear to part with any of my little treasures...
Joe said he would look out the window and see me 
walking the beach and across the street toward home 
with a handful of stones, a pocketful of beach glass 
or a piece of driftwood thrown over my shoulder.

All through that first summer I found tiny treasures left upon the beaches. 
Clam shells nestled into each other babushka style, 
beautiful heart shaped rocks left in conspicuous places 
where the sun would shine upon them, 
circles of starfish and many letters spelling out messages in the sand 
with small stones, shel…

20 August


17 august

Walking home from the beach

guilty pleasure
Ice cream.
'Nuff said

There is an old Irish tradition that states
If you put your feet in the water
On 15 August
You will have good luck for
The rest of the year. 
We will be lucky this year. 


Out my living room window

scavenger hunt sunday

10 august

bathroom selfie

me - in my bathroom

hop, skip, or jump

Box or package
This is the bottle cap
Of my favorite beer

Creative angle
The view from my kitchen window
Over the sink
The lowlands parking lot Memorial park in the foreground Baseball park beyond Short beach across the street Sun setting Moon rising  Over our rather tiny island

This is my pantry. I have been meaning to paint it for about a year and a half. 
I was motivated to get it done by the math class I signed up for.... Which is what I should be focused on. 

scavenger hunt sunday

5 august

At the start of august evenings stretch out  slow and silky longer now and savory high tide rising on my heels
Texture Tuesday

texture twist

our beautiful world