24 July

hannah's hands

these were the hands that reached out for me at the very moment of your birth

i've held them in my own hands as you crossed the street 

or needed a bit of reassurance 

i've felt their soft and tiny fingers brush against me as i held you 

in the night

i've seen them wipe away tears you cried when sadness came

and circle around a steering wheel when you learned to drive

now that you are 26 

i don't see those hands as often 

as i'd like to


yesterday i sat on the beach and watched as they played with 

a pile of sand

and though you didn't notice

i was at once transported

marveling and humbled

at how much love 

one is capable of holding in a pair of hands


  1. BEAUTIFUL truly beautiful. Hug B

  2. So much emotions are entrenched in hands:)

  3. Stunning! You have touched my soul.

  4. Very touching. I'm feeling a keen sense of this transition in my own life as I realize that my own first born has just 5 more years of being with us daily. That's just a blink and then she will be on her own. People always warned that it would go fast, and truly it has.

  5. So touching and so gorgeous!

  6. Lovely words, it's always a tug on the heartstrings of a mother when her daughter has left home. My youngest is buying her first house....

  7. This is very moving and incredibly beautiful.


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Deep peace of the quiet earth to you.
Deep peace of the shining stars to you.
Deep peace of the gentle night to you.
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