17 may

little league season on our rather tiny island

the baseball field in the foreground 

with the bull rushes, then the golf course

and then the open Atlantic ocean

you can see the rock jetty protecting the shore from storm tides


tulip petals




  1. A nice place to play baseball! Wonderful shot of the tulip petals!

  2. What an amazing place to play baseball.

    Have a super weekend.

  3. Wow, I'd have trouble keeping my eye on the game with such a beautiful view!

  4. Not so different from the view from our island on the other side of the continent. I hope your day is sunny!

  5. The abstract tulip petals are beautiful !

  6. I bet there all sort of abstract photo software to me it looks like a tulip done in china paints using a stiff brush.
    My youngest son played lbaseball.

    Coffee is on

  7. It looks like an idyllic spring day. Beautiful.

  8. This reminds me of childhood family vacations on Long Island, NY. My father was an avid baseball fan and whenever he saw a LL game in progress, he'd pull over to watch. The rest of us were not amused!

    Love that abstract tulip!


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