4 April

it is not the words that you once wrote

or even the letters that you formed with your fine fingers

it is the whisper of your essence on the yellowed paper

the lingering breath of your thoughts

the fading pen marks where your once strong hand forged lines

into a language I would carry in my heart

long after your sweet lips stopped

long after your hands were still

long after your last breath


imaginary gardens with real toads


  1. This is lovely and timeless.

  2. This leaves me breathless it is so lovely.

  3. Oh, so tender and fragile are the whispers of the heart! This makes me teary eyed.
    Beautiful written-wow!~

  4. Seems like you're missing someone.

  5. you def convey
    the feeling in this..
    the longing, the missing
    like returning to those letters
    of one long gone...

  6. A letter can hold all it was the day it was inked as long as the paper doesn't surrender to time...beautiful piece

  7. someone's presence felt in words, paper and ink....the strong voice melting into whisper over the years....poignant lines..

  8. the longing for that person is palpable - but also the wonder of them still breathing in their words and writing

  9. Yes, it is much more than words on a page, it is the person behind the words which make letters so important to us.

  10. What a lovely post, it touched my heart!

  11. This must be one of the loveliest poems I have read for a long time.
    Completely perfect.

  12. So very true. And something email can never match.

  13. deep-felt longing ~

  14. And so, the enduring value of a hand written letter as opposed to electronic. it bears something of the writer themselves.

  15. … and that's a wrap. Absolutely the essence of why we adore the ink stained page!


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