27 April

I hear you speak to me

through those i love

i have seen your beastly dance

I have seen you

chew my people up and spit them out

do you wear them proudly like a beaded necklace? 

I have watched you channel through rivers

like blood through veins


you have a branch on my tree

of friends and family

but you are a cheat

you have no guts to face

what you leave behind

 I do not release you

you are not absolved

fuck you



  1. This is too grim for me.

  2. Mighty words..works as a reproach on many levels..

  3. This is such a good way to address the beast. It may be winning today but it is a long war and the struggle is not over. Many of our bravest will fall but we will win in the end.

  4. Strong write! Although I know cancer is one of our words, your ending still surprised me. I read this a few times. It is a beastly dance for sure.

  5. Oh, yes... cancer is all that and more. It took my mom.

  6. Very powerful poem, and what a good thing to have a fighting spirit with this disease. But also to absorb the possible beauty that can come while you fight this.... the love and support of friends, the new and intense appreciation for life... etc etc.. Loved your poem

  7. Love it. Especially your ending.

  8. Great poem. I was surprised at the end that you were not writing of a person...delightful! Your poem could be meaningful to many.

  9. I can completely understand the... fury... I saw in these lines! Great job!

  10. I, too, understand the anger. Nice work!

  11. Thanks for writing this. Having just lost my husband of 18 years, 2 months ago. I share in its sentiments. He was only 59, much too young to leave this world.


  12. Your three closing lines are strong and brilliant. May you and all you love be well and freed from cancer's tyranny.

  13. Yes, surprising ending, clever write!

  14. Oh I just love that last line. It end that poem perfectly. The great part about the poem, I thought you were going mention a lover's name.


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