27 April

there's nowhere you can be

that isn't where you're meant to be

it's easy

all you need is love

pax et bonum

sea-foam bubbles

I have always believed that love is truly all we need.
I agree with those that say we must love ourselves before we can love others.
However, I do not believe one can truly love themselves until they have felt a deep and abiding love for some one other than themselves.


this was taken on the last day of school last year





  1. Beautiful words, thoughts and photos.
    I love the last day of school shot.

  2. Beautiful shots, I especially like the exhilaration of the "Jump" photo.

  3. Simply beautiful photos, especially jumping for joy, and I agree with your words as well! I just saw the movie, Heaven is for Real, and it echos all that you've just said.

  4. I'm with Yogi..that jump shot is magnificent. I love how the jumper is in silhouette. Fantastic composition. Thank you for joining in at Song-ography.

  5. These are gorgeous - such soft colors!

  6. I agree - it is vital to love yourself (nearly every human struggles with this) and love another - they both feed to one's well being. Good choice of images for both memes - I especially like the chalk perspective.

  7. Love your photos, and that jump shot is awesome. I see you live in Mass. I lived in Newport for a long time. In august am taking my grandson on a little trip up to the New England area and plan to take him out to nantucket and the vineyard. Love that area, and our bestest friends live in Massachusetts. A great and beautiful place to live. I also loved Block Island when I lived there and used to go out on the ferry and bicycle! Lucky you

  8. What a sweet family you have :) I enjoyed your scavenger hunt photos too. The seashell image is especially striking.

  9. Beautiful words and the photos to accompany them.

  10. Such a lovely family and your are right you need to give love in order to receive it.
    Great photos for SHS - I didn't get around to doing it this week. :o(
    Loved the Jump shot and the Blur.

  11. The seeds of love have to be planted ... even the most dire circumstances can allow for that simple moment of sharing that spawns love in the future. Sadly there are many who never receive that gift and they spend a desparate life in search of it. Those of us who know love should reach out to those who do not. A beautiful family and a thoughtful post ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  12. Lovely post. So glad I stopped by.

  13. Love these photos ... lovely!
    diane @ thoughts and shots

  14. I like the contrast of colors in the seafoam photo. That isn't something I get to see in Oklahoma. Your layout for the chalk and the angle of your POV made it pop. I believe you are right about love. Jesus included both in one short sentence when he said "love your neighbor as yourself."

  15. That jump shot is wonderful. Like your blur and chalk shots as well.


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