11 April

Daddy and his girlfriend live in a green house near the beach

we all live on the second floor where the trees can reach

me and my brother got a room with nice new beds

and when we wake up in the morning the sun is shining on our heads

I drew our house with crayons and it came out really nice

my brother said that it was dumb so I smacked him -twice

daddy's girlfriend hung it up, 'cause she's nice like that

we have a fish named Freddy-Bob but we can't get a cat

at the beach with daddy when the sun is high

he throws us in the water and we feel like we can fly

then we lay down on our towels till we're really, really hot

and we walk back home for cookies, 'cause I'm hungry quite a lot

in the evening in the kitchen when the sun is low

we eat our dinner at the table near the open window

we can see the girls play softball in the park across the street

and watch them running 'round the bases in their sneakered feet

daddy got us brand new bikes, and after dinner, we all go for a ride,

through the wood, and up the hill then down we glide

my brother likes to ride his bike super duper fast

and all the neighbors wave as the four of us ride past

daddy tucks us into bed and reads a good story

my brother gets to hear more 'cause he's not as tired as me

sometimes in the night time daddy plays his guitar

and we like to hear the music floating in from afar

daddy thinks we grow too fast and tells us to go slow

but we are still just little boys so how do we know

someday we'll be big and tall and have our daddy's reach

and we'll remember how we loved him in our green house near the beach.

 a poem for a child with

imaginary gardens with real toads


  1. "daddy and his girl friend"

    I know I'm "olden" but what happened to Mother, Father, and Children?

    1. Tessa, most families are mixed families of some sort. This means that children get all sorts of love from all sorts of extended family members instead of living in a traditional mother, father, children unit where there may be turmoil and anger. One is not better than the other, they are just different. I am not familiar with the "traditional family" that you mention and I don't know very many people who are.
      In this poem I am the girlfriend and my boyfriend and I with his sons and my daughters make a very happy jabberwocky family.

    2. Please excuse, my inserting my views here.

      Gentle hugs,

    3. No worries Tessa, there's nothing wrong with mother, father and children...it's just that it doesn't always work out -there are all different kinds of families...all that really matters is the big love

  2. This is an excellent poem for children. It has so many layers of experience, timeless within the context of the modern family. I found the whole deeply touching.

  3. What a nice and lovely poem about time with your father.
    Have a happy time my dear!

  4. I love the child's voice, it speaks of simple joys and love for the family ~ I specially like this line:

    he throws us in the water and we feel like we can fly

    I actually admire how you and your boyfriend make it a happy and joyful family ~

  5. Please don't take this as anything other than a compliment, but it does feel like it could be written by a young child! Which is kind of the point, right? Really enjoyed it! Well done!

  6. I like these moments of happiness shared by all....and they make our life worth living....
    lovely :)

  7. I like the attention people are giving to each other in this poem and the time they spend with each other. Summer can have that magical quality to it when that happens. And the joys are such simple ones- bless you for helping to provide such richness to these two boys.

  8. It is a beautiful poem for anyone to read, so vivid, congratulations! So interesting you are the "girlfriend",I was trying to figure who wrote these observations...
    Also a great meditation on vacation, family and childhood.

  9. Mr. Linky went a little crazy … check back in a few and see if your poem is linked.. Thanks.

  10. A modern day version of what family is. Often fathers get the children less (but these days that is happening less & less) but this is so descriptive of a loving relationship and memories being made - it welcomes one in to the fact that children can and do adjust if the parents set their mind to it. I particularly like the summing up stanza at the end.

  11. So very sweet! {And I think Kerry said it well.}

  12. This is so real. Very nice.

  13. Oh this goes straight to my heart, and warms it - given so many children live in such new families it is wonderful to read of one that worked out so happily. The last line is especially heartwarming - and poignant, imagining that future time when the children are grown. Beautifully done. This would make an EXCELLENT children's book - publishers would love it for its positive message........worth thinking about.

  14. Children world feels so bright, reasonable...and how easy they-we could manifest our dreams - just by drawing with crayons..nice

  15. The tone of this makes childhood tangible. So very well-written!

  16. What a beautiful poem for children...family is family no matter how it varies from what is considered the ideal...but really love should be the ideal. :)

  17. That is a really cute poem! You followed the prompt really well, unlike me! Ha! Lovely!

  18. whoops! the last post got eaten.

    nuanced, whimsical, tender, with a bit of fun and lots of love. the backstory doesn't make it *more* interesting (I share my 2 sons with my ex, and so get where you're coming from) - but it does provide me with more insight. well crafted ~


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