28 march

When she came home  the only sign of him she saw

was a 6-pack of Amstel light with 

5 bottles in it
She saw him through the window
sitting on the wreck of the old pirate ship timbers 
facing the sun sinking over the Atlantic
The green bottle reflecting the last of the dying embers 
as he raised it to his mouth
She watched him for a minute or two
enjoying the view before grabbing a second bottle 
and heading out the door
 down the path to the beach


For the past few days we have been watching a coast guard cutter anchored out in the

 harbor of the next town over

They tell us it was at the ready in case of emergency during the storm.

I've lived here 50 years and never seen such a thing

not even during the blizzard of '78

They tell us it is going to be in the 60s this weekend.

that is about 45 degrees warmer than it has been this past week.
Ben and Jerry's coffee heath bar crunch is in the top 5 ice cream

flavors ever invented...just saying
I don't like to share my ice cream.

I hate when I get a cone and some one asks for a lick of mine

um....no -get your own

I don't care if I kiss you on a daily basis...

I don't care if I gave birth to you

that freaks me out 


  1. hee hee. I don't share either!

  2. They are talking 60 for us this weekend too. Then back to 30's for a few days. Unsettled is our continued weather forecast. I can handle that, just leave the April blizzards behind.

    I wouldn't want to share my coffee flavored ice cream either.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. wonderful shot that really puts the reader in the "spot" of the story. Enjoy the 60s and your ice cream. Happy Friday!

  4. Heath and coffee is my very favorite combo ever!!

  5. I love that image, and right there with you on the ice cream thing!

  6. Great photo and a lovely little story.

  7. Wonderful little story! Yes, the weather is crazy. I imagine you got beat a good bit by the Nor'easter this week.

  8. Sounds like it's going to be a coffee-heath bar-ice cream type of weekend! I don't blame you for not sharing....although I do share with the grandbabykin when she gives me those sad, puppy dog eyes! I know, I'm a sucker. :-)

  9. Cool little story you wove there with your photo.
    Our weather is rainy this week. Clearing up on Monday - Hooray.
    My favorite ice cream flavor is from Baskin Robbins, Nutty Coconut.
    I don't mind sharing. I guess it's a personal thing. Perhaps you could carry a little spoon and then give those who ask for a taste the spoon to use.

  10. LOL about the ice cream cone.

    Very humid here today....supposedly rain is going to come..we shall see.

  11. Have the Coast Guard nearby could be comforting or a bit scary -- hope there's no need for any of that and your weather stays calm.

    I love ice cream (who doesn't?)

    Happy weekend my friend. xo

  12. Will have to try the heath bar crunch. Their chocolate cherry is the only flavor I have tried.

  13. Love your story - you make everything sound so magical. Which of course every minute of life is. I only eat ice cream about once a year. Maybe a scoop in my espresso. Yes we have warmer weather down here in NJ, but heavy, heavy rains. Enjoy.


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