2 march

we don't serve your type here

six words that trigger a national assault

what if we were to list 

our own ugliness 

and display it at the local diner

is it that we are just better at caging our words

I guess we like to fuel the rage

and did you ever want to just cry



  1. "we don't serve your type here"

    This kind of a sign, can still be displayed????

    Or am I misunderstanding your message????

  2. Them and us still prevails..it does seem like an endless cycle of who fits and doesn't..but who has the right to decide? Thoughtful write..

  3. Perfect in its simplicity and very apt in blending the words so beautifully! Nicely asos!


  4. apparently they are still having some issues in Arizona Tessa http://www.carolinalive.com/news/story.aspx?id=1012765#.UxNQ04X4LPs

  5. is this a reference to bygone days-no I see you've included a link above I shall have to check this out, if this exists it is a frightening state of affairs!

  6. Excellent use of words!

  7. we all have shadows...imagine if we had to wear them around our neck and face the same each day...would we learn to love?

  8. Good question you're asking....'our ugliness' ~ we have different opinions and views....and we have the moral, culture..,.~ how to make all happy? ~ never answered question....

  9. Your second stanza has quite a powerful message in it. Our we aware of our own ugliness at times, or do we just make excuses and blame others. Good poem.


  10. To set up a sign like that is a disgrace.

  11. Racialism and prejudice is the resort of the weak in fear. Colour, religion, political leanings and even eating habits to name just a few are all in that package of hate for those that are not the same as you. Poverty doesn't help either! Keep blowing the trumpet!

  12. Realize that someone who would display such a sign is actually hanging their own ugliness around their own neck for all the world to see. Awareness is the key, so I keep hoping that all of us continue to write, speaking out against such as these.


  13. Sadly, this a lot more timely than it should be.


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