2 march

tulips on the sunlit kitchen table

bright and pleasant

this image makes them look as if they are growing outside

but it is snowing this morning

and has been below 0 this past week

which makes these pretty tulips even more dear to my eye

when i glance across the table as i take my tea

sunlit sunday


  1. longing to see tulips growing outside

  2. Tulips are one of my favourite flowers! :-)

  3. So pretty- great shot! Winter is not letting go easily this year is it.

  4. They are just the perfect color!

  5. I always love the sun shining through tulips! I don't expect to see sun for a couple of days, Titan is due to hit us. {Whoever thought it was a good idea to name winter storms?}

  6. Tulips are one of my favourite flowers and I've been craving a bouquet. I didn't see the right ones yesterday, but will take a look somewhere today.

    Your photograph is luminous and does brighten up this overcast, snowy day.


  7. I love how a bouquet of flowers can lift ones spirits or just keep them elevated...

  8. Tulips are always so uplifting...and bring thoughts of spring!


  9. gorgeous! and just that spot of colour that says 'hope' !
    thx for sharing...

  10. Aren't tulips wonderful???
    They just scream "SPRING"!
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    diane @ thoughts and shots

  11. Gorgeous in the sunlight. This time of year, tulips on the table are almost a necessity.

  12. Tulips are a life-saver for the soul at this time of year. I have a bunch of them on my mantel. Love the light in your photos.

  13. a perfect sign of spring...whether inside your home or outside - thanks for sharing!

  14. Beautiful photo. I can't wait to see tulips growing outside. Have a nice week.


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