2 March

unusual crop

I am not sure if this qualifies

but I have a bevy of heart shaped stones in the house

I walk the beach almost daily -when it's not 0 degrees outside-

and I can't help picking them up

they tumble out of my pockets in the dryer...


on the feathers of this Canada goose

he looks as if he's dancing

on the ground

I've no idea what this says

but i suppose some one does and that's all that matters


this was a tough one for me

I delete what I don't like

and if i try to take a blooper on purpose....well, then it's not a blooper

is it?

this one makes me a little dizzy


these bottles sit upon my sunny kitchen windowsill

I played with editing and I think they look like a watercolor


  1. beautiful photos, the bottles do look like watercolours, I like how you've strung the photos together with your words. :-)

  2. Regardless of the message that is in the sand heart, I think it expresses that someone is in love. Nice image. Have a blessed Sunday.

  3. Always such a refreshing treat to see your choices. Your sweet, Canada Goose-friend is just adorable. I too like the beach, if we ever see it again, and sometimes even zero degrees is a treat lately. Gosh darn winter is getting to me!

  4. Oh goodness, speaking of zero degrees, hubby just told me it's currently, -18 degrees here, right now, even on this sunny morning!

  5. Funny about those rocks; when my boys were young they always had rocks in their pockets, especially the youngest. I was always washing those dang rocks! The photo of bottles almost looks like a tissue paper collage. Beautiful!

  6. The colors shot is beautiful - it does look like a watercolor. :)

  7. You're right-the bottles do look like watercolors. Lovely.

    Ah yes crooked horizons-I have had many shots with them. If you have LR5, they now have a correction tool for full, vertical or horizontal. Very handy,

  8. Very nicely written- I too could get lost on the details of a Canada goose.

  9. Your photos are great. The rocks qualify to me. I almost used some for mine. I love the dancing goose and the water color shot.

  10. Great interpretations! Love your crop of rocks.


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