16 march


doorway to a snail's house


 just before we open the door

looked up



  1. Great set of pics. I love the "Candid" shot.

  2. The green in that first shot looks just perfect for St. Patrick's Day. Love them all, though.

  3. The look up picture is beautiful, and I like the stuffed shot you captured as well. I had to look twice to make sure they weren't real.

  4. the fresh green of the fern looks fantastic,
    looks like a great spring walk in the forest.

  5. The bathroom sign is a hoot! I missed getting a photo of the full moon this week, enjoyed yours. Not sure if the Candid is of a chicken or rooster, but it is an awesome shot! Enjoyed your take on this week's list.

  6. Love that sign and your stuffed shots.

  7. Nice photos. The stuffed is adorable. I love your shot of the moon for looking up. My favorite is the one just before you opened the door!

  8. Oh the pups in a bag so cute and the green grass so beautiful as is the rooster!

  9. Wonderful photos ... Many thanks for sharing with us at Our Beautiful World!!

  10. Great set for the prompts. Such a pretty green photo.
    My favorites from your hunt photos: Look Up - I almost used a moon shot for that.
    Candid & Stuffed. Both of those made me smile.

  11. oh the greeeeeen lovliness of your OBW shot is wonderful. i could get lost in that one~!

    love the idea of doing a scavenger hunt photo challenge and it's fun to see what you bring to it.


  12. Beautiful shots, thanks for sharing with us at Our Beautiful World!

  13. Wow! Look at all those pretty ferns...so lush! Thanks for sharing.


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