8 february

the wishing sisters

i wish this hadn't happened

i wish this hadn't touched us

touched you

my sister

i wish that mum did not have to worry for you

i wish that in three days time

you would wake to your alarm clock and go in to work

like any other day

maybe you would be annoyed at having to wait for an extra traffic light

maybe they would put too much cream in your coffee

i wish your cancer had not spread

i wish you were not having surgery 

i wish that you did not have to go through chemotherapy


remember when we used to throw our blankets on the bed

and play with those kiddle dolls 

when we were supposed to be asleep

i wish we could do that 


 i wish that we were really wishing sisters

that we could wish to be old ladies together

sitting in pink folding chairs on the beach

laughing at how fast time had passed us by

i wish that we were wishing sisters

i wish you didn't have cancer

we have been asked to write a piece based on the art of Lisa Graham


  1. This was very well written. Amazing. I'll be thinking of you and your sister.

  2. This is so touching ~ How we wish that our sister or brother or loved one doesn't have to undergo that pain & journey ~ If only, sighs ~

    Thanks for linking with Sunday's Challenge ~ Wishing you Happy weekend ~

  3. Oh this is so poignant and sad - love the vision of the little girls playing - and feel the sadness of the grown-up sisters, dealing with such a difficult situation. I hope both sisters DO wind up old ladies together. Let us hold that vision for them!

  4. This feels real and raw and it made me want to call my sister immediately.

  5. the bond between sisters is something very special.

  6. This is so moving, so tenderly written in a time of heartache.

  7. This feels like a very intimate piece of your life thanks for sharig

  8. Your poem is very touching. Isn't that true for so many sisters, to wish that this or that weren't true? Thank you for writing it.

  9. Oh you made me cry!AriadnefromGreece!

  10. I have tears in my eyes - this has touched me so much!

  11. You make me realize how little does it really matter to wait the few seconds at a traffic light when you know you have your health.

  12. cancer sucks...
    it has touched my family in several ways...
    and take so much of our world....
    def felt this piece...

  13. It's such a poignant poem. Your grief is very powerfully expressed.

  14. I wish all your wishes would come true. I'm so sorry for your sister and you and your family. I hope you share this with your sister, it's so touching.

  15. Very moving poem, Kara! How we wish nothing ever happened to our siblings and we could just grow old together the way we grew up together. Thinking of the two of you.

  16. Very heartfelt with fleeting words that try to whisk the cancer out of life.

  17. A moving and very honest poem. Raw beauty here. I wish your sister well...and I do hope you will be 'old ladies together' one day!

  18. Lisa,

    Am amazing bond of absolute emotion runs through each and every word, and hope. I wish you and your sister better days ahead, together.


  19. Full of honesty...searing emotions.

  20. This is my sister and me through my cancer.... I wish the best for you and your family... Michelle

  21. So sad and touching. This is beautifully written.

  22. very touching, I wish the best of possible outcomes for you and your sister :)

  23. This went right to my heart...my oldest daughter lost a kidney to cancer and is facing a risky surgery this month...I wish she was a little girl before illness abused her body.

  24. Exceedingly raw and honest and touching

  25. You have gotten to the heart of that feeling of impotence when someone we love is suffering and all we have to offer are wishes! Powerful! Peace.

  26. a heart felt poem.. with strong emotion.. one that is a bond that can never be broken...

  27. so now I'm curious as to the brown eared dog mouse if one stopped by... ~


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