Friday, 28 February 2014

28 february

over the weekend we had a thaw of sorts

it was sunny and warm

we got outside and walked around the island a bit
in the early morning hours just before dawn

Joe and I see Venus and the crescent moon floating in the sky 

just over this rather tiny island 

it makes for a rather grand way to start the day

i need to get to the market soon

 Grey's Anatomy started last night.

It is one of the three or four shows I will actually turn the TV on for.

I missed the most of the two hour special so I will have to

watch it on demand later today.
We all got together at my mum's house last night for a celebration

of my sister's good prognosis.

We had lobsters and chowder and lots of great fun!

Thursday, 27 February 2014

27 february

the winter wood is filled with secrets

that the summer leaves will cover

tiny heart-shaped seed pods 

that look so very delicate

they open to release their seed

into the wild world

but they stay behind

 and cling to the branch through 

snow and arctic gale

 I can't help but feel some 

unexplainable connection to them

though I would choose to be the seed and not the pod

I cannot help but see the beauty 

when I look back toward home

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

26 february

What is good for the goose is good for the gander

or so I've been told

25 february

when the sea is still

walking on the seashore just before a rain

even the waves are quiet and gentle as they came up upon the shore

the air heavy with mist

those long lost to the sea

come up then to bathe the tears from their loved ones

and share the healing waters


 let those who worship summer days

come then 

and traipse across the sands 

and lay their blankets down

I will sit here now

and hold hands with gentle souls 

we will not see again

and feel their foggy breath against my cheek

and know a gentle yearning in my soul

when the sea is still

Sunday, 23 February 2014

23 february

as i came out of the wood i saw Joe and the boys walking towards me 

in the softly falling snow

see, sea or C

it was in the mid-fifties yesterday

and very sunny

so we walked the beach


natures symmetry


it has been a very cold winter.

even the dog hunkers under a blanket when she lays on the couch


we have just finished up February vacation week with the boys

we've been giggling for the past nine days

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

18 february

before the snow came

i walked the wood

 squatted down in snowy pathways

to discover tiny beauties painted by nature

flakes began to fall so softly

that i hardly noticed them stealing in at all 

in the night the storm winds battered against my bedroom window

blowing wet snow and salty spray

covering the purple berries that line the forest pathways

Sunday, 16 February 2014

16 february

their kitchen window frames the view of venus as it floats in the early morning sky

a trickster in the mind's eye

it courts them with  tales of bravery

it leads them to believe that they will be supported

safe from the virus

as it wages it's war against this party

it will be much too late by the time they realize that they have failed

16 february



old style hand blown glass bead



mussel shells growing on an old buoy



we are celebrating that my sister's surgery 

found the spots to be pre-cancerous

this is a rather old picture of my sister, our mother and I.

it was taken in London before she had cancer the first time.

Saturday, 15 February 2014

15 february

vanilla, chocolate, strawberry

fudge ripple, watermelon, peach

marshmallow and black raspberry

chocolate chip, rocky road, heath,

maple walnut, brownie, plum

vanilla, chocolate, strawberry,

double oreo, raisin and rum

mint chocolate chip,  java toffee

coconut, cherries jubilee

banana chip, rainforest crunch,

vanilla, chocolate, strawberry

and  tie-dye purple-berry punch

moose tracks,chocolate chip cookie dough,

peppermint, lemon daquari,

maui madness, plain oreo
vanilla, chocolate, strawberry

a quatern poem according to:

imaginary garden with real toads

15 february



Friday, 14 February 2014

14 february

 the love affair

they told her she needed more drive
to make it in this life you had to be on the right side
so she worked all day and lay sleepless at night
and then she realized that they had lied
they kept her slaving for less than minimum wage
but at the end of the week there was nothing to be saved
she paid out everything she had ever made
and the hardships of her life began to show in her face
she started school once to become a nurse
but that was before she became involved with the church
and now things were worse
all they had done was empty her purse
most days she just wished that she could go back
but I guess that's that...

drive, side, night, lied, wage, saved, made, face, nurse, church, worse, purse, back, that.

14 february

the thing I love the most about my town is the sea

and that it is my man's town

when mountains crumble to the sea i will still be loving you

my sister had surgery on wednesday

the spots that were on her liver were found to be pre-cancerous!

so we are all extremely happy and relieved and overjoyed

that she will not have to go through another round of chemo

and all that stuff
we have the boys for the next 9 days because of school vacation!

i will have to get to the market to stock up on boy food...

ice cream, oreos, clementines, chicken puffs, cheez-its...

Sure is a wintery winter

folks around town are saying they can't remember when we've had 

a more wintery winter

happy valentines to my  sweetie

if mountains crumble to the sea there would still be you and me

Thursday, 13 February 2014

12 february

products are polluting millions

on behalf of face and body.

our commitment to our most important responsibilities?

ill designed beauty products preserving our future

the manufacture of plastic beauty

virtually impossible to remove.

the impact has not yet been fully determined

but there is concern it could potentially cause problems

higher up

set an example

avoid the press

beauty continues to show in people of quality -never anyone who has plastic on their face


-we have been asked to write an erasure poem
Here is the link to the original article that I used which was about the tiny micro-beads in beauty products ending up in our waterways.

and you may find more erasure poems along with the guidelines at 

imaginary gardens with real toads

13 february

we live in a sort of triangle or three tined fork in the road

there are beaches on either side of us

so we live in the constant presence of this planet that we live on...

this wild and crazy orb

spinning in the sky

we mark our days by the tides pulls

the sun rising and setting over the ocean

and the moon gently floating above us

the path to black rock beach has three or four

dedicated paths

lined with sand and dune grasses

 and rocky scrambles

sunlight shines down onto the bend in the path

but we don't know where it will take us until we get there

little things thursday

thursday favorite things

share your cup thursday

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

12 february

blood of our mother

blood of our father

beats in both of our hearts

because we are sisters

but we are not the same

now you will go

and i will go

on as before

we are not close

we are not alike

but when you stumble i stumble too

and when you rejoice i rejoice too

because you are my sister

this blood we share joins our hearts

poets united

12 february

Monday, 10 February 2014

10 february

i am not a celebrator at valentine's day

i do not care for doily hearts

or paper cards

or overpriced roses that die in less than a week

 anonymous declarations of love on one particular day of the year
if i am loved i want it thrown at me like a rock
smacking me in the face without subtlety
i like it wrapped up in shell that opens to reveal itself

in the sunlight
or placed in a milkweed pod that brushes against me as i walk the pathway
spell it out for me
draw the lines of love in the sand


Sunday, 9 February 2014

9 february

First let me say that we are not the type

that this happens to

if there is a list we are not on it

if there are straws

we do not grasp at them

we pluck ourselves up

we gather ourselves together and we don't look back

we are not so much gutsy

as we are stubborn 

and lucky

so fucking lucky

or at least we were

until this brass ring left it's cancerous present

growing invisibly in your body

and we being unfamiliar with the waters of this stream

cannot find the flow

and stumble as we try to find routine


9 february

looking up the hill

that travels into the village

dying daylight over boston

I made this mobile with sticks and stones that i gathered from the beach



Saturday, 8 February 2014

8 february

the wishing sisters

i wish this hadn't happened

i wish this hadn't touched us

touched you

my sister

i wish that mum did not have to worry for you

i wish that in three days time

you would wake to your alarm clock and go in to work

like any other day

maybe you would be annoyed at having to wait for an extra traffic light

maybe they would put too much cream in your coffee

i wish your cancer had not spread

i wish you were not having surgery 

i wish that you did not have to go through chemotherapy


remember when we used to throw our blankets on the bed

and play with those kiddle dolls 

when we were supposed to be asleep

i wish we could do that 


 i wish that we were really wishing sisters

that we could wish to be old ladies together

sitting in pink folding chairs on the beach

laughing at how fast time had passed us by

i wish that we were wishing sisters

i wish you didn't have cancer

we have been asked to write a piece based on the art of Lisa Graham

8 feburary

saturday photo hunting

 the saturday photo hunt

pink saturday

Friday, 7 February 2014

7 february

all flowers in time bend towards

the sun i know you say

that there's no-one for you but

here is one all flowers in

time bend towards the sun I

know you say that there's  no-one 

for you but here is one 

here is one here is one

-jeff buckley


I love to see the dawn rising over the Atlantic

ribbons of colored sky

reflecting in blue water


my mother's dog Sally is spending the night

we love her


my sister is having surgery on Wednesday



 Holly will be entering the doorways of Sloan-Kittery for surgery next week

and then re-entering the world of chemotherapy
 (this is not her first surgery and will not be her first time dealing with chemo.)
I wish that these doors would remain closed for her
for everyone
let us continue to support the science 
that will one day find a cure for this
terrible terrible disease



Thursday, 6 February 2014

6 february

the big love

the sea scatters heart shaped stones on the beach

but first it bashes and batters them

 breaks them

 tumbles and scrapes them

and then

it scatters them onto the beach

where she sees them in the morning sunshine

and thinks

the whole earth

even the universe


Wednesday, 5 February 2014

5 february

there have been a couple of times i told him we could 

go to the doughnut shoppe early in the morning

just the two of us

before he falls asleep he reminds me
at 7 o'clock in the morning

i feel a gentle tugging at my toes

in the summertime we dangle our feet off the edge of the wharf

i am drinking my coffee and he is eating his 

strawberry frosted doughnut with sprinkles

in the winter we go to the beach

and walk around till we are so cold we can't stand it

and then we drive home

to see if anyone else is awake yet

so we can tell them about our special adventure

that they missed

but we bring them back a doughnut

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

4 february

the longer pathway to the beach meanders through the bayberry

when the temperatures soared into the 50s the other day

i pulled on my wellies and walked 

tonight all of this will be covered in snow once again

the telly says we may expect up to a foot

and more on Saturday

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