8 January

the water surged up along the grassy banks at dog beach

the icy atlantic dripped and froze on the wooden fence

this morning there were no other people here

no dogs chasing old tennis balls into the shallow waters

no small children gathering sea shells

it is not often that the ocean turns slushy with cold

and  frigid temperatures create a freezing fog that floats above the water in the distance 

the winds had formed snow dunes during the storm 

in the morning i climbed over them

to stand on the outpost of this rather tiny island 

watching the city on the other side of the sound

shrouded in icy mist

i was not long standing on the edge of the beach

where the tide was coming up so high

and the winds were blasting onto the shore

so i turned toward dry land

past the bend at the old coast guard station

and into the warmth of home


  1. Beautiful photos! Interesting that although most of us are experiencing colder temps & truly not liking it, there is still a beauty to be found. I visited from Create With Joy this morning & your surely have :)

  2. wow that is pretty cool...esp that shot of the frozen fence...and its def pretty amazing to see slush int he ocean....we god frigid temperatures but no snow....would def be a cool time at the beach....

  3. Everywhere is experiencing such terrible cold weather. I never complain about the heat.

  4. that first photo speaks volumes, I lived on the Pacific West Coast (Canada) and never saw ice like this, it is truly amazing. I like how you've cropped the last photo...

  5. You definitely captured the frigidness...

  6. Lovely. Just... lovely!
    (ツ) from Cottage Country Ontario , ON, Canada!

  7. Can scoop off the cold of your beautiful pics! The first one and the one of the roof are my favorites. Brr, stay warm:)

  8. Wonderful series of photos!

  9. I love the icy fence in the first image. Really shows the harsh weather condition. :)

  10. Fabulous shots of your icy/chilly/gusty wonderland.

  11. Extreme coldness still has beauties.
    Thanks for dropping by. Stay warm there.

  12. the warmth of home is unmatchable

  13. I lpve the RED bows on the wreaths against the WHITE snow. Home is one of my favorite places to be.



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