22 january

you remind me of him she told me

as we sat

drinking martinis

at the bar

she full of disdain and bitterness

colder than the grey goose we sipped upon

and growing older by the mouthful

me with moon eyes when i smile

just like my fathers

imaginary gardens with real toads



  1. Love it...I especially love the second stanza..."growing older by the mouthful"

  2. Beautiful!

  3. oh, those are some cold eyes ~

  4. A difficult moment so beautifully described - with moon eyes. xo Karen

  5. Oh to drink martini now! I miss it.

  6. ah this brought a wee smile across my face
    wonderfully written

  7. Perfect, perfect. Vodka martinis will do that to a person.

  8. The bitterness and coldness is coming through! Better get another martini ready!

  9. There is definitely a story in this--and I went back and read it a few times as my understanding -- or my interpretation-- grew. Thanks for posting.


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