22 january

fog banks often sock us in here on this rather tiny island

on this day we could see only the top of the windmill 

the fog is covering up the little city nestled on the other side of the greyish sound


  1. The mill is dekorative standing in the fog. I have a lot of mils here, they are fine sculptures in the landscape.
    Many greetings

  2. Wow. That is a lot of fog. If it weren't for the top peaking out, I could not tell a windmill was there.

  3. That's what I'd call a real fog.

  4. The Fog is so pretty to me, but it's a bit scary when I try to drive in it. A lovely picture today.


  5. What is it about fog that is so beautiful to my eyes? A lovely capture!

  6. oops! i couldnot tell if its a windmill before reading the text, must say what a foggy blanket. By the way what is the name of this paradise island?

  7. Beautiful how the windmill is peaking out of the fog. And the ocean underneath makes it even more special.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  8. Beautiful and peaceful!

  9. At first I thought that was a seagull!

    Very pretty.

  10. At first I thought it was a bird flying over the water, but then I enlarged it. That's some thick fog floating along the ground.

  11. What an absolutely stunning vignette. We get a lot of fog around here, as well, but I've never seen it captured quite as eloquently as you have done here. Thank you for this remarkable contribution to Thematic Photographic. I hope you share more perspectives with us: there's a new theme already posted.


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