16 January

"where the bee sucks, there suck I

in a cowslip's bell I lie"


~ 1 ~

last week i picked up some primrose to gift my mother and daughters with.

we had gathered together to celebrate my daughter's 23rd birthday

and I wanted to send them home with something bright and hopeful

mine sits cheerfully in the sunny kitchen window

ever so gladsome

waiting for spring

~ 2 ~

we are in the midst of a january thaw

it has been rainy and grey and in the upper 40's

a brief respite from the bitter cold of last week's winter

~ 3 ~

these are soup evenings

early suppers

and early sunsets

and for those of us whose circadian rhythms follow the rhythms of the earth

early bedtimes

~ 4 ~

i have decided that i am going to paint the inside of the kitchen pantry.
it is quite large and i think between prep and drying times it should take me a good solid weekend
i am going to start the last weekend in January 

~ 5 ~

i love the way a garden yields

to the passing of the seasons

each flower generating a seed inside a little pod

that will gently give way

drop to the earth beneath it

and be taken in and transformed

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  1. love the vintage and canvas feel you gave the pics...def soup weather...and still quite cold here...a skiff of snow last night...i was hoping for a bit more...

  2. I bet everyone enjoyed the primrose. Happy birthday to your daughter. Mother Nature can't seem to decide whether it should be cold or hot here. In between is fine with me. Happy painting. I'm making chili today and thinking about planting beans. Peace~~

  3. This is a lovely post :-)

  4. I really like how you've written our your list of 5. I found it very inspiring.

  5. Beautiful flowers! Happy belated 23rd to your daughter!

  6. You have a way of making everyday things sound wonderful! I wish I could get to bed earlier!

  7. How lovely!

  8. luv the texture of these photos; have a nice Thursday

    much love...

  9. Oh yes! The primrose is delightful! Springtime is right around the corner. I'm enjoying early bedtimes too. :)

  10. Your poetry is so soothing and beautiful. And both photos are elegant. The texturing and tones are so rich.

  11. primroses are one of my favorites and i love that the markets often have them in mid winter as they do encourage a lifting of the winter spirit.


  12. Beautiful photos...

    I am enjoying my garden this winter, as in I am happy that I did a little canning ( tomatoes and pickles ) and made some jam. And oh yes about the soup season! :)

  13. I love how even a dried flower can be a thing of beauty!

  14. ...when you are done painting your pantry, can you come over and paint the inside of my house? :)

  15. the visual i get from the "January thaw" give your mind an interesting picture. brrr!! cold. be warm. ( :

  16. One must enjoy the January thaw. It is getting rid of the trecherous ice in our yard.
    I like #3. I do enjoy a hot cuppa soup. Good Luck with your painting project and hope your weekend is great.

  17. I love primroses such a simple pretty flower. Have a great weekend.

  18. Lovely creative photos! We were having the January thaw, but we got about 6 inches of snow the past two days!

  19. Totally enjoyed your post, and have fun with that painting!

  20. Beautiful shots!
    You are so right ... early suppers...early sunsets....early bedtimes.
    I have noticed though that the days are getting longer!!!
    Have a cozy weekend!
    diane @ aug's blog

  21. I like your seed pod photo and your words in #5. I don't always think of the beauty waiting to come out the pods.

  22. I enjoyed your random 5...the one about the pantry reminds me that I should be doing some painting, too. And I love gardens...in all stages.

  23. I'm always in awe of the beauty of spent blossoms in winter. That last shot is lovely and the texture is wonderful. You have more initiative than I do in tackling the pantry project! My cicadian rhythm would tempt me to take a nap instead! :-)
    Visiting from R5F and Friday Finds.

  24. your processing on these photos is fascinating!

  25. You sounded like you were describing our area. We are in the 40s but we have bright sunny and blue skies.

  26. What a lovely post this is...pictures and thoughts so full of joy. Primroses are wonderful harbingers of spring.

  27. Wonderful post. - I love soups on cold winter days. What a lovely gift to give, Primroses are so pretty and cheery this time of the year.

  28. From your mention of gardening and things growing that you must be yearning for spring. So am I!!

  29. Love your gorgeous primrose art work!

  30. beautiful and happy belated birthday wishes. I am so happy you shared this post at the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop . Big Hugs

  31. I like the interesting texture on your rose. I also like the concept of your blog. Simplicity is what I strive for.

  32. That final shot is really beautiful in an almost haunting way.


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