1 January

1. Me! 

this past year I went to college for the first time ever. I finished my first term with high honors! 

I am very proud of this accomplishment.

2. I Love You –my jabberwocky family

3. Still Laughing…
my brother reaching over the table to steal my niece's ice cream while she wasn't looking
which was actually pay back because she had stolen his glasses while he wasn't looking
and we all watched him run around looking for them everywhere for a while before we told him

4. Winter Wonderland – a picture that reflects Winter.

5. Birthday

Joe and I both turned 50 this year.

 6. Friends – our pal sal

7. I Was Inspired…
 –by the strength of Boston and all of the outpouring of love and caring from all the people across the world in the wake of such horrific tragedy on Patriot's Day

8. Spring Fever

easter, pretty colors and my birthday

9. Travel or Vacation
 we live on a rather tiny island and this is the beach across the street...we don't normally travel much farther away than that

 10. Summer Days – a picture that reflects Summer.

11. A Day In My Life

i almost always wake early enough to watch the sun crest up over the Atlantic

it is my favorite part of the day

12. All Smiles
the ones that make us smile

13. Autumn Harvest
bittersweet from the wood in Ipswich

 14. Family or Home

heart shaped rocks gathered when we walk the beach across the street
symbolize the love we have for our home and each other

15. Celebrate!

dining room jam session

16. Let’s Do It Again…

it doesn't happen very often because of our crazy schedules but 
 any chance i get i love having us all together

18. Beautiful – my daughters

19. Dress Up

we don't do much dress up around here...seriously -i looked through the entire year and couldn't find one single picture...so

July is dressed up and playing her tune...

20. Macro
i love this shot of milkweed on our kitchen table

21. Holidays
the Christmas parade as it went past our house 

22. My Favorite

 me and my beautiful daughters

23. Don’t Ever Change
this is the old coast guard station on the beach across the street; other than a few "fix-ups" it hasn't changed since it was built in 1898.

24. Just Because…So There!
we found these one morning as we walked the beach.

25. Hopes and Dreams

to live here on our rather tiny island
and be with those i love


  1. A wonderful collection of photos reflecting your life and loves. Happy New Year!

  2. Gorgeous! Your tiny island is beautiful. Happy New Year!

  3. you do have a beautiful family....a great start to the new year...
    i wish you all the best in the year to come...

  4. a good home is happiness! all good wishes to you in the new year!

  5. Beautiful photographs. Happy New Year!


  6. Beautiful images of a year past. I really enjoyed looking at them! You have a beautiful family!

    Mersad Donko Photography

  7. *•. ¸*•.¸*•.¸*•. *•.¸ ¸.•*¸.•*¸.•*¸.•*¸.•*
    *... *...*...*░ HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!░* * *...*...*
    ¸.•* ¸.•*¸.•* ¸.•*¸.•* *•.¸*•.¸*•.¸*•.¸*•

    much love...

  8. Great year, especially completing your first term of university!! What are you studying?

  9. Great shots! I love your Autumn Harvest photo.

  10. It's a wonderful life.


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